1. Hi! And Welcome!



Hi, and welcome!

You’re in the IKAWA Hot Air Community, a public forum for all things IKAWA. This is one of a few posts specially written to get you started with the IKAWA At Home and the Hot Air Community.

The forum has been active and growing, a very encouraging sign for how this community can become a rich hub of knowledge to help us on our journeys.

One thing we’ve learned in our short time as designers of home roasters is that the roasting journey can take many routes, and deliver many various rewards.

If you’re new, don’t worry. We all start out a little lost.

IKAWA At Home is designed to make roasting coffee from home accessible and rewarding.
And this forum is for everyone to share their ideas, experiments and more.

Roast coffee, drink coffee, share thoughts, repeat.

IKAWA At Home - For beginners and veterans alike

Core to our product is the combination of the coffee roaster, the IKAWA Home app, the IKAWA Roast Recipes and carefully curated selection of green coffees, designed to enable great results straight off the bat, and open up a whole new set of variables to play with.

We welcome people new to roasting coffee and those that are seasoned veterans. Those that want just to capitalise on the freshest possible coffee and those that investigate the science behind the roasts.

The Roast Recipes we created and launched alongside our World Selection of green coffee are something we’re proud of. We collaborated with professional coffee experts on this, including James Bailey, World Coffee Masters Champion 2015, Freda Yuan, 2 x UK Tasters Cup Champion, Dan Fellows, UKBC Champion 2016 and various others so we encourage people new to roasting – or familiar with it to try our profiles first, and iterate from there.

Ultimately, what should you be looking for from your coffee?

Make coffee you enjoy and iterate from there. Our Roast Recipes provide results that we think most people will love. We certainly do.

But if you’d like a different taste, or have a different green coffee, than let your preferences guide you. Look also to things like the beans natural flavours, the way they’re roasted or the way you brew it to steer you in the right direction.

Ultimately, your recipe is your recipe and that’s something special.

We hope that by combining the roaster, some fantastic green coffees and roast recipes designed by experts will find a connection with coffee you haven’t discovered yet.

As a community, we are excited about what we can all learn from each other – and as numbers of users grow, more and more people will have so much more experience to bring to the table. All opinions (and taste pallets) count!

It’s going to be fun!

Further Reading

Finally, if you’re looking for ‘further reading’ to get you started, we recommend Morten’s book and Rob Hoos book which really accessibly explains the science and sensory sides of coffee.

And of course, we’ll be building our bank of blog posts..

Next stop - getting started with your new roaster.

Using the Hot Air Forum (yes, there is an app!)