3. Getting Started with the Hot Air Community



A few tips and tricks about the Hot Air forum.

There is an app.

We recommend downloading it to get the best experience from the forum.

This forum is hosted on a program called Discourse. Discourse has an app - it’s not great, but it’s not bad either.

The reason you should download the app is to easily download the shared roast profiles. More on that later.

Download links:
Apple iOS

When in the app, load “community.ikawacoffee.com” and sign in with your IKAWA account.

There are tags

Search by tags and add them to your post to help with search-ability.

Share profiles!

One of the best features of the IKAWA is the share-ability.

Paste a screenshot of your profile along with your link, like below:


Anyone can click on the link above (using a mobile device that has the IKAWA At Home app installed on it) and use it on their IKAWA At Home.

Pretty cool!

Remember when we recommended downloading the app? This is why. You can read and contribute on the forum from your computer but you won’t be able to view the roast profiles that are linked. You will need to click the link from a device with the IKAWA At Home app installed.

Have you installed the app?
Apple iOS

Great - now, on to coffee basics!

2. Getting Started with IKAWA At Home