4. Coffee Basics



Coffee Basics

Things like … did you know that coffee beans are actually seeds?

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Welcome to the edge of the coffee rabbit hole - dive in!

Green coffee is actually the dried seed of a coffee cherry, a fruit that grows on shrubs in tropical climates.

Quaker - an unripe coffee cherry seed. It’s noticeable because it roasts very light in colour and tastes like bad Cheerio’s. Most very well produced coffees will have very little to no quakers in them.

Variety - the variant of arabica coffee plant. Bourbon, typica, caturra, geisha… they are all Arabica coffee but with different taste profiles, and roasting needs.

Roast Recipe - the combination of a green coffee and the perfectly suited roast profile.

First crack - the audible phase of a roast when steam bursts from within a coffee seed. From this point on the coffee is what we consider “coffee” - grindable and consumable!

The stages coffee goes through when roasting - it’s a really amazing process, taking flavourless green coffee beans, heating them up and getting a delicious coffee.

More to follow on this. For now, let’s move on to how to create or edit a roast profile.

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