5. Creating or Editing a Roast



So your neighbour went to Nicaragua for the week and brought back some green beans for you.

What now?

Start with an IKAWA profile
The easiest thing is to use an IKAWA profile.

Use a profile that’s geographically similar as a start point. In this case, the Guatemala or Colombia profile might work well.

Next, we can try similarities in altitude:
Knowing that a lot of Nicaragua’s coffees are grown at lower elevations than in Guatemala and Colombia, the Brazil might be a good next option.

Editing the Roast Recipe
Editing a roasts graph is easy to do:

The hard part is knowing what changes to make.

The profiles are sensitive, and small changes can create big differences in taste.

Know that whenever you have a new coffee to roast there is going to be some degree of trial and error before a perfect roast is achieved. We spend a long time perfecting our roasts, and it’s not uncommon for us to trial 10 or more different profiles before saying “got it”.

Things to consider when creating a medium roast profile on IKAWA At Home:

  1. The roast length is likely between 6 and 9 minutes long

  2. Peak inlet temperature (the lines on the IKAWA At Home graph) of between 240C and 260C

  3. Development time sits between 30 seconds and 2 minutes

  4. Study the IKAWA provided profiles, they will give you guidance.

Other notes about creating a profile:

  1. The development isn’t solely based on the development time. The inlet temperature throughout the roast will play a factor in the overall development. So much so that we’ve had really huge results when changing the initial increase around 1 minute by 10C or so.

  2. The fan speed should be high enough to keep the coffee moving but not so high that some beans are being pushed over into the jar.

  3. The beans will become lighter and less dense as they roast so a higher fan speed can be used at the beginning that declines throughout.

  4. Make 1 change at a time to understand which effect your edits have.

On to you

Hope that helps get you started. That should be enough to get you up and running. Explore the Hot Air Community, our blog and have fun.

Happy Roasting!

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