7 Inch Android Screen Issue with Home App


Has anyone got a 7 inch Android tablet they use for roasting?

The only Home version of the app that will work with my 7 inch Samsung Galaxy is v1.2; any newer version of the app fails to open; even yesterday’s release doesn’t fix it?

It was only thanks to an APK extraction app that I extracted v1.2 from my Android Note that it finally worked!


I have a pretty old Samsung Galaxy tablet which has never been able to run the Home app, so I use my Android phone instead.
I had assumed that it was because the tablet must run an early version of Android that made it incompatible?
Any idea what this update is for?


the tablet I have is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 which meets the Android and Bluetooth criteria, but not sure what improvements the latest Home version has, but really, the software should be able to work on all screen sizes providing the Ikawa minimum Android and Bluetooth builds are met.

Anyone wishing Home v1.2 can contact me via messaging, and I’ll gladly send it to you!


well, I spoke too soon; the bluetooth fails to pair, and now, I can’t even go back to my working device as the Bluetooth on the roaster fails to push out a signal, and all I have on the roaster is a blueish light when switched on; is there anyway to reset the roaster apart from switching off at the mains?