A Pour-Over Experiment: Clearer Brews


A 3 minute timer: https://youtu.be/sVdaFQhS86E

I wonder if you’d try this pour over technique, or at least an addition to you pour over routine. From what I have seen so far it has led to clearer brews, I am more curious now if this happens for you as well.

The “to put it simply”: To put it simply, after I grind I put my grounds in a small bowl, add roughly, slightly under, double it’s weight with room temp water and let it soak for 3min before adding the wet grounds to the pour-over basket and begin brewing like normal, minus the blooming step. I don’t know/think it matters what pour over or technique just as long as you do the soak. But since the wet grounds are going to take more heat I am using boiling water to bring them up to temp and have a relatively fast initial pour. My grind is somewhat fine for a pour-over, I don’t go to fine by any means, but even some too fine with very long draw downs were surprisingly clear.

The details: So far it has made clearer looking brews, texture is the same, taste seems clearer. I was reading this paper on how much water coffee grounds absorb water and people go on about fines and sure I agree, fine, fines are part of the equation. But nobody says why they are a problem, they clog the filter(?). If it takes about 3 minutes for coffee to swell, and the whole time is spent brewing, so by the time the coffee grounds aren’t busy trying to absorb water the flavor gets diffused into the water. Particles are breaking off getting suck in the filter and then get trapped as they absorb more water and expand. Seems chaotic, if the grounds are swollen, then the fines also would have to increase in size and maybe less clogging and more settling at the bottom of the bed. Regardless, it’s worth a try for sure. Let me know what you think or whatever. It’s fairly late where I am but I wanted to write this and see if it works for you.

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