About the first Burundi tutorial profile


This is what I got from the 50g Burundi eith the first tutorial profile. Looks very very light and didnt even go to 1st crack.
Waiting for the 1 week rest but, really curious how this can be sweet.
Does this look similar to what everyone else got?


From that picture I’d say you hit 1st crack.
Looking back at my notes that Ikawa profile hit 1C at 4:20
Unless it’s been updated? This was a long time ago.
IIRC many thought it was a bit too light with “grassy” being used by some to describe it.
Personally, I enjoyed it. But I do like light roasts. It was definitely sweet.
Might surprise you in a week’s time.


A lighter roast is sweeter than a darker roast.


Can’t wait to discover the sweetness and flavors in this coffee.


Yeah, i do know that definitely. I almost never drink dark roasts. But i guess i’m used to roasts that are in medium light range.
Never tried this kind of strictly light roasts which smell grassy after the roast. Definitely exciting to discover though!


I have not had good luck with that bean that came with the sample pack. I have tried several things even making it much darker. Still tastes off to me. Might just be a I don’t prefer that particular bean though. It is actually good if you go really dark with it though and use for cold brew.




My wife liked the hot brew from that one too.


Oh, thank you for the profile! How dark is it with this profile?


If I remember right it drops about 2 minutes after first crack. I remember being nervous as I was watching it, but let it go since i didn’t care for it much anyway lol.