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Hey, the last time I messaged you guys I asked if there can be link in the app under the menu section that links to the forum. In addition to that, I was wondering if the account can be more tightly linked because right now I’m trying to link a profile from the app but now I am on my laptop so I have to either switch to my iphone (slower to type) to link the profile more easily. Can the profiles I make and look at from you or others be listed/linked to my account. So if I click on somebody’s profile while on my laptop it saves to my profile “recipes” that is updated in the app and visa versa.



It would be very helpfull if the site organized roasting profiles—recommended and user—under each type of bean in an easily accessible fashion. I’ve just started using the site but, as far as I can tell, this information is scattered through the site and is not collected in an organized fashion.