Abuse of private messaging


Well Deven,

You must be one sad individual to spend Christmas writing abusive private messages to strangers on a very small internet forum.

Naturally, I have reported it to Ikawa.
But you didn’t post until they said they were off for the holidays, so a response may take some time.


Hey guys, whats going on? Its christmas time … right?



I’ve written nothing that’s not on the public forum, apart from my reporting it to Ikawa.
I would have preferred Ikawa to deal with it without fuss, but no sign it will happen soon.
Saw no gain from getting into a private massage spat (over Christmas!), but felt it needed to be acknowledged. Didn’t see why I should have it hanging over me over Christmas undealt with.

There ought to be a way of turning off private messages to avoid trolling, but I couldn’t find it.

PS I am sorry for bringing this to the forum at this time of year when everyone should be able to relax and have a good time.


It would be great if we all could be in controll of our ego, but that is easier said than done, I know … We are all coming from different directions, having different set of experiences … yet ( I hope) our goal is the same … treating our valuable green coffee the best we can. I said it before, that I find it a best practice, at least for me, to think of myself as a beginner, no matter the distance behind me. There is always at least an equal one ahead.
I think our different angles of view should help us understand more … its impossible to see everything with one eyes only.

May you have a nice christmas, great coffee and that spark of inspiration to keep moving forward to the best roast we could ever taste :smiley:


Hi @Dormouse and others,

Sorry we’re not in a position to respond quickly to your message, but we will do once the working week commences.

Brief message in the meantime to emphasise the sentiment that this Community should entirely be about sharing and learning in equal measure, underpinned by mutual respect for each other.

To date, we have been inspired by the energy, enthusiasm and knowledge of the contributors so far, and encourage that anyone who feels these values are not being applied to get in touch with us. A reminder of our guidelines are here. Of course this relates to Direct Messaging, and also about the tone of all public posts too.

In the meantime, we wish everybody a great holiday period, and hope you have some fantastic roasts!


@ pavel
Very nicely put. Agree completely.

@Alex_ IKAWA
Thank you. Fully understand about not responding in holiday. I hate that it disturbs what should be your feelings of jobs very well done this year.
Agree with sentiments.


I don’t even know right now, I wanted to post privately to not get into a public mess. It was not meant to be a provocation. Just an honest opinion, hoping for an honest response to debate some outlandish remarks made. @pavel you are right I hope this doesn’t ruin your christmas cheer, hope people are having a good Happy Holidays, cheers


We are, Deven, we are :wink: its a very nice evening …