Air filter on Ikawa?


I am currently on the west coast of US and we have a smoke problem from the wildfires. Would I cause a problem with the roaster if I roasted coffee in a smoky environment?


I would guess that besides making your coffee taste smokey there will be some residual oxidized oils that can build up on or around the fan. And then you have smoke in your home as well. Overall seems like a lot for some browned bean juice.

When I read the thread I first thought you meant on the exhaust port which I have been trying some solutions to evacuate the air from the roster away and out of my roasting environment.


I know it’s been some time since you’ve written this. I wanted to address the root of your question. It seems pertinent since the land of my youth doesn’t appear to be leaving the cursed days of windstorm and too much ground cover which learned to grow fast and die back early in the spring seasons of California.

You may have already found some form of air filtration for your central air or, to locate in rooms where you and your family spend the most time. At least with such as these, if you’re not at risk of evacuation, you might be able to reduce the sooty load from outside. And, knockdown what comes from a batch run from your Ikawa. Systems that include carbon prefilters, HEPA filtration, and low output ion generators would be preferred.