Air flows and elbows


I read over on home barista where they recommended keeping air flow low enough to make the beans bubble, not carousel. Mine always carousel, even with ikawa beans/profiles, wondering if I am missing something?


Hey @ajax5184 when roasting on the IKAWA At Home, airflow should be high enough so that the coffee beans spins during the whole duration of the roast - air flow should gradually drop as the beans get lighter the longer they are roasted. If you open any of our recommend roast recipes, you can see the typical downward slant; the fan speed.

The beans should always be rotating in the chamber - that is how we’ve designed the IKAWA At Home to work. I hope this helps.


I agree with what Zak said. I’d suggest to keep the fan either flat or declining. I prefer to suggest flat because than at least the heat transference isn’t altered so much by the fan but is still effected by the beans regardless. I think the fan is the final polishing step for a roast profile and changing the fan, will change when 1C and other things in he roast happen. Though an unusual observation is that moderate variations in the fan did not change the moisture loss to any real significant amount, around 0.2% from what I’ve seen.

Popcorn poppers do not have an optimal vent placement or the conical nature of the roast chamber of the Ikawa so the air flow will get displaced more unevenly, resulting in the popping up in the center, for the Ikawa I think it is optimal to have the beans constantly rotating and changing the air speed effect the contact between the walls of the roaster and the beans. Which can have an effect, so a declining fan should keep the same amount of bean to wall contact to limit that variable. IMO all the variables are interconnected so it is best to keep as much as possible the same (at first), so you can taste the alterations when tweaking a profile.