Air popper style roast


I got my ikawa back and first thing I did was try to recreate my air popper results. Worked perfectly and much more even than the air popper. First crack started between 2 and 2.5 minutes and finished 3 minutes. Dropped about 3.5 minutes. Even color all the way to the middle too, which was surprising. FC was very loud and vigorous too just like the air popper. Excited to try it tomorrow.


Higher heat variation, hit start of second crack in 3.5 minutes, even color throughout. This was a Columbia huila region. I ground and tasted while still warm and it was actually really good. This makes me question a lot of what I have been reading lately…


Do you get any specific flavor notes during the roast or in the cup? Anything similar to what was on the bag? Sometimes roasting gets me specific flavors not found on the bag and I find that really satisfying.

I don’t think anything is set in stone when it comes to roasting. Not much at least.

Did you notice any variance in a profiles when you received your roaster back? I’m not finding it quite so easy to get my normal flavor popping coming from my profiles that I used to. Though it should be said that; beans vary from year to year and need profile adjustments. This is the first year that more than just slight adjustments are required.


That is the coffee. I wouldn’t say any notes other than on the bag, but I got exactly what was advertised. Actually remined me a lot of a Kenyan coffee where it is really acidic but really sweet and they balance out perfectly. It was one of those coffees that makes your mouth water between sips. Its really funny. I bought 2x1 pound samples from la bodega and tried probably at least 7 or 8 profiles that were lighter and hated it. Thats why I used it for this experiment, figured I wouldn’t be out much. Now I like it so much I wish I could get more. Unfortunately they limit you to 2 samples and then 50 pounds…

I didn’t really notice anything different in performance when I got it back. If you think yours is having technical issues though, I wouldn’t hesitate to send it in to them. I can’t say enough about their customer service, really top notch, and lots of updates and communication.


I’m just curious if you notice a difference in the roaster, it usually isn’t the machine but there can be a glitch/seeing how similar/different our roasters perform in our own perspective environments and ambient temperatures. In my mind it is most likely just getting adjusted to the crop from year to year and adjusting for beans in lightly different areas of origin.


Oh I see what you mean. I honestly haven’t had it but a few months, so I haven’t had enough experience yet to see/notice minor changes like you would having used it over multiple years. The new crop adjustments make sense though. I trade corn and soybeans for a living, and crops can have huge variability from year to in protein levels and other nutrient values and density etc. I am sure coffee is not all that different in that respect.


I have a good one for you Deven. Tried this profile on a java coffee that I got from a roaster relief special that coffee bean corral was doing. They don’t normally carry it and sold out, so the notes on the coffee are gone and there is no bag label other than origin and of course I can’t remember as I bought 3 different of those at the same time. I tried it this afternoon and it was actually really good. It was really sweet, no acidity and tons of body. There was also a note that was very distinctive but I couldn’t figure it out until now. It was sweet corn lol. Dont think I have seen that one before. I know it sounds disgusting, but it was actually really tasty.


Sweet corn is a good one, i bet that was delicious. I really enjoy the digging, or rather, exploring through different coffee’s because of all the interesting aroma and tastes. It is one of my favorite aspects of the roaster, though I am going to start learning to roast decafs so I can drink coffee without the caffeine overload. It is nice that there have been some well processed decafs coming to market in recent years.