AlON glass cover - IR transparent


I,wanted to share one of my finds, that had surfaced through my research on how to measure the real bean temperature. I still love the most this concept of regular and IR camera and usage of the colour and temperature data from those. And what I have found is that there is a new substance called AlON, that is a sort of transparent aluminium ceramic. Its quite cool, way stronger than glass and it will be used in many interesting areas like for space station windows. But, one interesting ability of this substance is, that is is transparent for part of IR, allowing the IR camera to work through it.

It would be really cool if there was a way how to get a cover made from AlON instead of glass, not sure of the price of this material, but I would happily buy this as an addon if the price was reasonable. I think it could literaly allow for more insight into the true state of the beans - pairing the colour changes and temperatures for example.

So … just an idea :wink:


I think if you were to get the material there are shops, at least here in the USA, that do specialized works for this type of situation. Shops that do a lot of body work on cars or motorcycles my be good place to look too.


Ah yes, awesome stuf. Fun article: one of those ‘the future is here’ thingie. The process to make it though, like ‘heating it @2000C for several days’ is an indicator that it might be rather expensive.