Alterations on "A" profile


So maybe you are familiar with the ‘A profile’

I use it on Sumatras ( I really like the fan but I haven’t come to a “best” end fan %, but 86% start till yellow is the beatbox start IMHO). So far I’ve had the best success with peaberries but not bad with other Sumatra/west indie coffee’s. In the latest S. peaberry the profile has a super ultra clear licorice-like sweetness, the bag lists burdock root but I’ve personally never had that’s by itself. I’m somewhat positive it’s one of the root ingredients in a soda/pop Americans call Root Beer.

Since I have found a Spike type variant that I like I’ve tried to find ways to fit it in but still not sure adjustinf the tail end of the profile. The Spike gives a very nice fullness on the nose of coffee cream. I like taking Sumatras in general close to or at 2C but more accurately to 481F-484F and usually never let profiles run until the end. It reminds me so much of a good 3rd Wave coffee shop smell. This profile, I think almost 20days rest, on a V60 gave a very nice toasted coconut coffee. 13.5g/150mL (thin stream,constant pour eta 75s)

This more classic looking profile surprisingly gives a more classic taste. I didn’t let this profile rest out but drank it immediately and for the next 3 days. It was good but not as full, a longer rest would have helped. But good cups, especially the first one ground 10 minutes after roasting and then the 3rd day was better than the 2nd and the day after roasting was the weakest (so 4 days total). I dropped this at 9:13 @484F/251.111

As I roast with slight variations I’ll update this post. After a long break it’s nice to be roasting again. Hopefully this might awaken Ikawan’s from there hibernation :wink:


I seem to be going in the preference of shorter and hotter profiles (especially for washed). The cups are generally more balanced and fuller but there are no distinct eye popping flavors of what grabbed my attention in the beginning. Vague, calm, normal and not my style.


I adjusted the fan on the “A wave slow 80- v.2 (v.2)” profile and oddly the 1C did not get altered and was within 2 seconds of the 80% flat fan. Kind of a head scratcher.