Any Ikawa home roaster canadian customer?


Hi all!

I am considering a Ikawa home roaster and I am wondering if there is any Canadian customer that would accept to send me a couple of roasted samples so I can can see (and taste) what’s this roaster is capable of.

And of course I wouldn’t mind at all paying for those samples.



It’s a really good idea to do your homework before making such a purchase, but in this case I think all you’ll get is a sample of what the person is capable of, given his or hers personal preferences, not the device itself.

The capabilities of the Home and the Pro are the same, although differences in software and temp probes placement may require a different path to get to the same place, therefore it is fair to conclude that Patrik Rolf’s presentation of the highest scoring coffee at the recent World Brewers Cup in Boston bear evidence of the IKAWA’s amazing capabilities - and it goes for both models.

A apparent from above, I personally wouldn’t worry too much about its capabilities, but perhaps rather suggest that you reflect on whether the capacity is right for your needs.


You are probably right. The coffee I would receive would only reflect the person’s preference.

Regarding the batch size I know it’s small but it might be a plus for me. I roast about 1lb/week at the moment on my Quest M3s. That represents about 10 batches with the Ikawa. I could do that in about 2-3 sessions. The nice thing I see is that when you nailed your profile for a coffee it’s just a matter of switching jars and restart the process.

With the Quest M3s that I use at the moment I roast 1lb in 2 batches but the smell is pretty strong in the house. How about the Ikawa ? Does a standard kitchen hood get rid of most of the roasting smell for a 50g batch ? BTW I never roast to second crack.

On another topic approximately how many tries you need to dial a new coffee ? Are there any general profiles available to start with (washed Ethiopian, DP Ethiopian, washed Colombian, etc.) ?



“Does a standard kitchen hood get rid of most of the roasting smell for a 50g batch ?”

When roasting 2-3 baches close to a window I can smell it in the room but not bad and not for long (I also never touch 2nd crack). I don’t roast under our hood, as I find it too noisy.

There’s a good selection of profiles in the app for specific SO beans but they will almost always yield acceptable results on similar beans. This forum has many if you search. More than enough to quickly adjust and build your own standard library reflecting your own preferences.