Any roast profile to share for Colombia Pink Bourbon


I tried this filtered beans in a cafe and fell in love with it due to its tropical fruit forward followed by a winery finish. Been trying to get the green beans without success till now. Hence any advice on profile to roast these?

Colombia Finca Zacatin
100% SL 28 2100m above sea level
Naturally processed

Much appreciated.


I am not really sure if I understand correctly. Your heading says Pink Bourbon, but your text says SL28. While SL28 is a relative of Bourbon it is not exactly the same.
In any case, I would probably approach it the same way. And mind you, I prefer acidity and fruit to be in the foreground. If your preferences differs, your approach may well be very different.

South American grown SL28 is usually not comparable with Kenyan grown SL28, and Kenya rarely use the natural process for their good beans (I know because HasBean had to promise to buy the entire lot from a given Kenyan farm in order to have them natural process a valuable AA lot) so we don’t have much to build upon.
Anyway, I would look at origin first, followed by process before varietal in this case.
A good starting point could be “Colombia Los Vascos Filter” it should be in your IKAWA app library. It is a fairly light Castillo/Bourbon with good fruit, however washed not natural.
Then I would do 50g with “Ethiopian Hafuso Waro Filter” also in your IKAWA library- that is a natural but small ethiopian heirloom. If you do that, I would let it rest for around 2 weeks before considering if that was successful otherwise you may find it unbalanced or underdeveloped. If you don’t have the patience then extend (evenly distribute) the roast curve to drop a little before 7min but still let it rest 5-7 days.
Both should show acidity and some of that slightly boozy qualities of a good natural processed bean.