Anyone using the IKAWA Pro100?


Anyone in here using the IKAWA Pro100 yet?


I have the Home version, are you able to use Home profiles on the Pro100?


It’s not yet available in AU. I’m on the list with the distributor. Am very curious about the consistency of the P100, bigger and badder doesn’t always mean the same quality but am hopeful.

@deven.patel411 the home is still at the 50gm limit, the Pro100 is at a 100gm limit. There’s a few threads already on how to make the profiles work for both, it’s just manual.


There’s already threads for using Pro100? Where about. I’m looking for them.

@deven.patel411 no the home profiles do not work on the Pro100. I wish there were a way or at least a library based on machine type.


Who what now? It’s able to do both preset profiles and manual roasting? Am I understanding you right? I didn’t see a manual mode when I looked at the Pro100 on the ikawa website.

@oye, they said on the website that the prov3 to pro100 are transferable, and someone was quoted that there was a only a color degree difference. Which is pretty good since I just roasted a 30g batch using a 50g profile on my white label and it was way overroasted.