Anyone wants to sell their pre-shipped Kickstarter Ikawa Home?


Hi guys,

Not sure if this is the right forum topic to do this, but I would love to learn some roasting and I was wondering if anyone would like to let go of their Kickstarter Ikawa Home Roaster? (especially those pre-shipped)


I’ve been waiting for mine for over two years before I got it. There are certainly things I’d like to change but nothing I’d give up, it never hurts to ask though, GL and welcome!


Hello John :slight_smile:
Unless you you want to offer me an exchange for Ikawa Pro, nope, there is no way I could separate myself from all the fun and education I get thanks to it :))

All the best


Sorry but absolutely no way.


well I can imagine why you ask, the price difference between the kickstarter and the retail model is bigger than even the IKAWA team expected it to be. I just missed the KS and had to pay a bit more for the pre-order, after that I kept tracking IKAWA and noticed the price going up 100BP every quarter or so.
I guess though that those who are most active on this forum (and answer you the soonest) are also the least likely to sell it (so soon). Regardless: smart move, you might actually find someone!


Definitely open to that offer. Might be able to get my hands on one the end of the year :slight_smile:


Thanks… There might be someone who might have decided its not worth the wait and bought a Pro instead :slight_smile:


Well I guess once you had a Pro you would have no reasons to exchange it for Home … so it was more of a joke than a serious offer :smiley:


Initially I had the same thought, but then I realized that if you’re not a professional who requires an IKAWA to e.g. communicate with the home office and do on site testing but you’re a ‘home user’ like to exchange recipes with other home users…the pro is actually quite un-useful. Granted you can still roast coffee and in theory you should be able to do a better job than the consumer ikawa users, but you would not be able to directly communicate with other users as the profiles are not (directly) interchangeable.


Aaaah … I did not notice this before … :slight_smile: And you are right. It would be hard to continue here if I had Pro instead of Home … So … to make it all clear. NO, I will not even think of exchange for a Pro (which was really a joke anyway, because of the price difference) … I will keep my Home (and maybe purchase a Pro too later :D)


Hi John,

I am looking to sell my Ikawa Home roaster. The machine is great for a home user who wants fresh coffee roasted as required.

The main reason I am selling it, is because I made the pre-order very soon before realising that I want to open a microroastry. I purchased a 1 kg roaster, and got it around the same time I received the Ikawa Home roaster.

I have had the the roaster since September 2017, and I have not even finished roasting the 3 kg of coffee it came with.

Please let me know if you are interested.

Best Regards,


Hi @mj122,

Definitely interested. Could you tell me your location, price and how I can contact you personally?


Hi John, I live in Bahrain, contact me on instagram please @mijanahi