App crashes on Android and iOS


Oh man I will roast this next roast for you. A Happy New Year as well old friend! To busy to post unless problem…hmmm :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking::shushing_face: jk. Yea I’m on the other side of the pond with my iOS, do you have an old apple device you can use just for the Ikawa?


Haha you joke, but that is closer than you may think. I have issues with focus & I have a lot of things to sort out at present. I do try to dip my head in & make the occasional post, but this place would be just another source of distraction, if I allow it :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to be able to roast coffee without having to reinstall everything though. So I thought i’d reach out here & see if any other regions have had success with the Android update being released. Seems not - I assume it would be a global release anyway. I also just read that Play Store review should take a matter of hours, up to a max of only a few days. Hopefully it’s a simple little obstacle preventing the update showing.

Thankfully I can still roast in the meantime, but it’s a faff :persevere:


Well I hope it comes soon! #22ndCenturyprblms