App Update: iOS now and Android Wednesday



Hi all!

Happy to report that there is an IKAWA Home App update.
It is now live on iOS and should be available mid-next week on Android (it always takes a little longer on Android).

  1. We have heard your request for another data point. There are now 6 data points available for your roast profiles :raised_hands:

  2. We have introduced translations into Spanish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, and Dutch. The app will automatically inherit the language your device is set to, if it is available. :speaking_head:

  3. Some users were experiencing instability in profile sharing and downloading, and this should be fixed now. We have also improved our process around app issues so resolutions can be found quicker, if issues come up again. :zap:

Happy Roasting!


App crashes on Android and iOS

Oh you silly billy you did remember our anniversary :sob::heart:️ ! But I didn’t get you anything :cry::yum:


Do we get an extra fan point as well?


Nope, just a fan speed and this(?)


Puzzling indeed?

Android Wednesday sounds more exciting than Black Friday!


@Geoff_IKAWA thank you for the update! The app looks stretched out on the iPhone XS. I’m a mobile developer and would love to help improve the app if you guys have a need. Maybe a native implementation? :smiley:


Not seeing anything new for Android yet?


While making this app update we wanted to ensure everyone had good visibility of our privacy policy. The link takes you through to our general legal page, which includes our Privacy Policy along with everything else we may need to communicate. The competition T&C’s isn’t relevant to the app update. :slight_smile:

Android release has been delayed - Google Play Store has pushed back release. Will keep you posted. We are working on it!


I am experiencing a weird glitch that didn’t get resolved and I forgot about it, until today. Sometimes when I am selecting a profile the name slot will turn grey and everything is unresponsive , but if I select another profile name, it too will turn from the normal white background to grey. If I restart the app it goes back to normal.