Are We Wasting Our Time?


Shouldn’t we be compiling all the data on our roasts together? By data I mean the bean varietal(s), age, density, moisture etc. It seems like a waste if we can communicate our roasts but not the data set or at least log it in an excel file or something.

Ideally I would like to do none of the work and pray for these data points to be saved in the roast profile on the app.
But until then, would we be able to compile excel spread sheets with our data? Anybody up for this?


You must get more info on your greens than me. I have no way of telling what the bean density or moisture content is in my greens or indeed when harvested unless the importer states it. Not my experience in the UK. It would be good to know this.

Generally all that I know is varietal, process and location. Maybe a cup score if the importer gives it.

I’m not sure what you mean about wasting time. I get great coffee out of it, so I don’t feel like I’m wasting my time.

You are looking at it more scientifically than most I feel and by collecting lots of data it might yield interesting correlations and insights. But tbh, I’m not one for filling out spreadsheets…


spreadsheets aren’t my thing either but if someone did like doing it that would be cool. I guess my reasoning is that you never know until you ask and yes the title is a bit dramatic.


:smiley: yep … dramatic it is! … But sure, I think if we had someone with interest in data analysis there is a lot that could be made out of the collective data, no doubt. But it needs a special mindset and abilities to be able to extract some valid data, and also standardized data inputs that are more often then not missing. Because even if the importer states moisture, water activity and whatever else, after some time of storage its different and we do not have much ability to measure it.

Also statistical analysis of our outcomes is quite complicated by how much subjective it all is. I would bet that coffee that I would describe as sweet, or even a bit bitter, might be sour to some (I hear this almost every day) and the other way around … our internal scales are calibrated differently when describing our roasted coffee. I for example do not remember a coffee that I would describe as sour for like 2 - 3 years. For me most of them are sweet, with some amount of acidity but mostly sweet :slight_smile: (and then I hear someone talking about the same coffee prepared the same day on the same machine by the same barista, saying that it was extremely sour :)) and its omeone who drinks SO coffee every day too, so not an uninitiated person)

For analysis we would need to measure what is measurable, with subjective descriptions being added value, but not THE DATA :slight_smile: at least that is my view of it. An now - what can we measure? What are we capable of knowing? … :slight_smile:


All hail THE DATA!

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:smiley: yes please … I am thinking we should actually build THE DATA shrine :smiley:
But really … what would you like to put into spreadsheets?


I was thinking the profile, listing where the bean is from, varietals, moisture loss, 1C time. Any suggestions?