Basic roast profiles


First post, be gentle. I’m looking for a handful of basic profiles to start off with but can only find the PRO profiles which won’t open in the HOME app. I’ve found a handful of profiles that regulars have posted on here but wondered if ikawa had a list of their own (without having bought an ikawa bag with a QR code). Right now I’m looking for a good base profile for a Guatemalan SHB.


The profile collection already loaded into the IKAWA home app has a Guatemalan profile that could be your starting point, why not try that?


Thank you, I will. Some of the profiles favour espresso or filter, the Guatemalan one doesn’t specify. I use a V60 so any tips on modifying a profile to suit infusion/filter would be massively appreciated (consider me a noob).


Filter/Espresso roast are just subjective opinions. Roast a batch, leave it to rest for a week and report back what you thought, and somebody will likely suggest a way to modify it to pull it in the direction of your preferences.


Thanks again, I appreciate the help.