Beans for Cappucino use



Which beans do you use to male later cappucino of? Whats you favourite?


Brazilian pulped natural or natural is normally a safe bet. I don’t really want to “ruin” the more refined beans with milk - without hereby saying that Brazilian beans cannot be refined, they just tend to have more of those chocolate, caramel and nut notes that goes well in milk.


Yea I agree, if I was going for a capp, I like mine pretty dry and Most likely the coffee is nuts and milk chocolate. So Rwandan, Columbian and Brazil but I tend to stick to wet processed. But i was going for a fruitier capp then I prefer a wetter capp using dry processed Ethiopian, Brazilian and a wet processed Central American coffee like Mexico or El Sal, something with lots of chocolate. I prefer not to use really acidic coffees/roasts with milk since sometimes it curdles the milk.
But I don’t make capps for myself, I make a 1:1 macchiato using full/dbl cream if I was going to do milk.


I find anything might or might not give me pleasure in a milk drink, even very lightly roasted “filter” beans, if you have the equipment and skill to obtain good extractions from them. The only thing to do is try it out.


For cappuccino I like to make a blend. 35% Brazil dry process, 25% Ethiopia dry process, 20% Yemen, and 20% Guatemala washed. I stop just before 2nd crack using 2 profiles for espresso.


I’m also a kind of mix fan. My favorite is 50% Brazil, 35% Kenia, and 15% Peru.


But that means you do not use the ikawa green beans?


Sweet Maria’s is where I source my beans. Currently a lot of ships waiting to dock w beans on board in California. To achieve the blend I do four 50 gram batches with 2 roast profiles. Lately trying 100 grams Ethiopia 50 grams Brazil 50 grams Guatemala


That’s a good blend, have you tried adding a Sumatran?


I have not tried adding Sumatran. The Central and South Americans along with Ethiopia and Yemen are my favorites.
Ethiopia or yemen…‘Rick’s Espresso Roast - #1’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe

Central And South American
‘Rick’s Espresso Roast #2’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe