Best brewer? Is this the one?




V60 and Kono have been my favourite filter system recently.
Second is Beanplus’s MyDutch for making ice drip :yum:


Hey Daniel - what is Kono? Do you have a link? Thanks!!


Kono filter:


Holy cow what a good price! I use a V60 and I find it suits me well though I don’t have a lot of experience with chemex since I already have the V60. It would be interesting if someone with both made a comparison.


I use V60 filters in a Biarro Altoair brewer.
Also a Brewista smart dripper which is very similar to a Kalita wave 185.
Also use the Bonavita immersion brewer for immersion and hybrid drip/immersion.
I couldn’t pick a favourite out of the 3.
I have a chemex but personally not so keen on it.


Hahaa :slight_smile: Gear talks … ok … lets geek out :smiley:


Espresso first - I simply love the minimalism and extreme hands on experince, with most of the variables exposed … that Portaspresso Rossa Air PG offers… in combination with my large burr MG1 grinder its so satisfying I always want to make an espresso first …

And to accompany me on the move, I now have Cafflano Kompresso, with Aergrind … as a travel espresso set … not near the extraction quality that I get with my home setup, but for a very cheap and lightweight piece of gear, its amazing what it can do if you can handle it right.

And the there is my dream machine, not yet available Decent Espresso DE+ … anyone on the waiting list here? I hope I will join soon … such an interesting concept and inovative approach :slight_smile: thats what I love.

Alternatives, well I try to be able to make any way of extraction, but if I list it from my most favourite it would be:

V60 - its just a must! Very clean and transparent way, I always start with this one if I want to see whats inside the coffee - the separation of flavours seems to be the biggest, so I really like it as a base together with espresso, when I learn the taste of new beans.

Ibrik/Cezve/Turkish - I would argue its the most simple and cheapest way of making the coffee, also the brew ratio is quite close to espresso, and if well done its very interesting and new taste. But needs a grinder capable of extremely fine grinds … Still, if I had to live without espresso that would be my second best option.

Cold drip - Currently using very punk style setup of aeropress, some tubes and aquaristic valves, but Gina is coming soon. Love my cold drip in the summer, with our home made lavender sirup or herbs, and few bricks of ice … hmm

Aeropress - I use it mostly for cold drip, or to have with me for traveling. But sometimes, the more intensive extraction, coupled with my metal mesh filter so that the oils go through, is a nice change from V60 with paper. But … only sometimes :smiley:

I also tried extracting coffee at lower temperatures with SousVide circulator, or doing a cold brew with improvised vacuum pump to make a short version of the 12hour brew. But thats just for fun … do not repeat it too often.

I also had a vision of making a cold extraction espresso … with close to 0 temp water at espresso pressures and longer than espresso times, but so far it did not work out well, the puck does not seem to have enough resistance at any fine grind level.

I like to wander into the unknown, knowing I can go back to my trusty Rossa air and V60 and just enjoy when tired :smiley:


The device looks cool, I like the pressure gauge if it came with a temp gauge too that would be prime. My heart throb dream machines first and foremost would be an HG one, or a EK43 last is k30. My La Pavoni I had to sell a couple years back. My go to even back when I was throwing hot cups of latte at guys named Phill "spelled with two “L’s”… was my V60. Just me and the pour over. The coffee and I stood still and the world swirled around us.


Yes - that HG One - i used to drool over it like crazy. Its such an amazing design. But, i have to stay compact. Not enough space for hg1 or ek :)) la pavoni i tried fir a moment, its beauty, but soooo fiddly and hard to make a good shot. First one is too cold, than one or two maybe right, and from 4th its tooooo hot . It would drive me mad.
The zen of the V60 … yeah… thats why I love it too. Have been contemplating the copper V60 and kettle … it feels so right and oldschool … but hard to justify the price, when the ceramic one works perfectly well.


The pressure gauge gives it really nice steampunk look in my eyes, brass and pressure gauges, yeaaaah :smiley: the temperature probe could be added I think, but it would be hard to get a matching analog dial one, and having a digital one with battery as a part of the device feels wrong to me. I use a digital thermometer to check where my water temperature is just before the extraction, and I wait for the moment of exactly right temperature, then … its not so important to measure from that point because you can not change the temperature profile in any way … its a slowly declining one (as opposite to slowly rising temperature after flush on some heads, or stable temperature on other ones) and I really like it as it follows how less and less is extractable, so both pressure and temperature can slowly go down.
What I love the most about it, is that its simply just a brass tube (a hefty one with quite a nice thermal capacity) with a pressure air tank on one side, and a puck in basket on the other … (and the pressure gauge that is not necessary for it to work) … when I make someone an espresso that is really nice, and then show them how simple the device is, it makes them start thinking of espresso in a different way. Its not that somethink that you need a complicated machine to produce. Its just the resistance of the puck os some amount of ground coffee, against water of some temperature at some pressure in a some time … we can complicated it by pressure profiling, flow profiling, manipulating the grind or water, but, the basics are very very elegantly simple :smiley:


I’ve always been a glass guy because I like it’s thermal resistance vs the ceramic or copper. Really it’s not the tool of course…to some extent. It’s mainly because I’ve just always used glass. Yea the LP can be very finicky but when the stars align and the clouds part and that ray of sunlight hits the machine the nectar of the gods flows like Niagra and for a moment I feel peace.


I have it the oposite way - at least for tea and coffee … if you give me choice of glass and ceramic I would most probably enjoy holding and drinking from ceramic more. On the other hand, I have been thinking a lot about creating stabilized (heated) doubble wall completely transparent extraction device for espresso from heat resistant glass. I mean … even the portafilter being glass, only the bottom being metal with holes - but apart from having that complete insight into the process, it looked like it would be pretty dangerous if exploded.

The special moments with LaPavoni I can absolutely undestand - had it quite alike with my Gaggia Achille that I have chosen instead of LP. Those manual levers can make shots beyond comprehension :slight_smile: but it does not happen nearly as often as I would like it to be … :smiley: (I partialy love my Rossa Air because it shares some characteristics of a manual lever like machine … but I have more consistent results with it) The Gaggia I loved for those godly shots that were granted to me occasionally, but repeating one ? quite unlikely …


Yea, for tea I prefer silver, ceramic, clay in that order I actually hate using glass for tea. Even as a mug. Though I have to say it looks cool to see. As for glass in espresso extraction that would be cool, thing the hg one team made portafilters out of some sort of plastic (I’d have to look it up) see through. I’m sure glass can be done just $$$.


I think your issue with the inconsistency was not the espresso machine but the grinder you used. Once you go jolly and up repeatability becomes almost a non issue readjusting/tweaking slightly tamp/temp/grind if needed.


Silver… :slight_smile: yes that sounds interesting …

Here, my zen moments (if you can imagine extracting espresso, and watching this recording while drinking it … lovely moments) …

esprecialy lovely is the third one … tripple basket and how it starts to form … hmm … memories :smiley:

(some more on that channel … though I dont record any more, it took quite some time …)


True I had a inferior grinder when on Gaggia Achille - but the problem was not to have a consistently very good coffee, but that it was from time to time otherworldly amazing, and sometimes really bad … And repeating that really amazing shot I just could not really do, not intentionally … it was sure it will come again, though :slight_smile:


Nice videos! yea would imagine that they they take a while to make.


Thank you :slight_smile: I started to make them to look for problem and analyze my shots better, but its just so nice to watch that happen … Maybe I will do a new set just to have some fun again … :smiley:


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