Best brewer? Is this the one?



No worries! Just want to make sure everyone can find info and it’s easiest if the thread sticks to the topic heading. :slight_smile:


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I’ve been using the blue bottle dripper a lot lately. The filters are expensive but great, and the capillary action prevents it from slowing down at the end. Does a lot of the extraction work for you whereas the v60 leaves more control over extraction in your hands. The kone filter is pretty nice - it’s my preferred use of v60 and chemex. Espro and aeropress are nice, but they always end up as my travel option.


oh man I’ve really wanted to try the blue bottle dripper. Both, because it looks gorgeous, and because it sounds like it would work really well.


Hehe I even sprung for the little glass pitcher 'cause the whole setup looked so good :roll_eyes:. Then the varnish on the dripper cracked, and I told them I was bummed and they sent a new one! The new one is still immaculate, though interestingly they are slightly different sizes…


O man, that thing looks Awesome…but I fear to ask: what does it cost? The fact that no price is listed does not bode well…


DE1+ $2199
DE1Cafe $3999


I think prices are there … its around 1k for the basic DE1 and 2k for DE1+
The level of controll it brings is just amazing. And the people behind it seem to be very nice. I am in touch with them, following the development and they show very openly all that they do, you can really watch the product being developed … really cool approach.


Ah :slight_smile: you had it covered allready :smiley:


thnx! (at both). ~1800 is not as high as I feared, but still quite a hefty sum for a brewing machine. Still…as im working at a technical university, being a physicist and working a lot with technical start-ups I can really appreciate these kinds of products and business approaches. Nice! For now I’m happy with my self revised and (slightly) modified Cellini, but that’s something to look out to when I ever decide to change!


It also still in the making, the first batch is yet to be completed and sent to customers. So if you can wait, its may have some development time and you may get even more refined product :smiley:
I may jump in when the ordering for second batch is open, if I have the funds for it. But have spent a lot on sharpening equipment this year so … not that sure about it.


Yea whet stones can get $$$


But back to brewing equipment, just today my Gina from KS arrived. And its gooorgeous :))) yepeeee …


Niiiiicccceeeee! I’ve been watching that one for a while too. And the decent - it’s also my top choice for espresso machine at the moment.`


Anyone else use a siphon? I don’t very often, but it makes one of my favorite brews!


I do own one. But use it only seldom, when I want that specific intensity it has. I love it more for the looks and mechanics, its so nice to do on the table in front of people. I dont say you wont get amazing brew, i just find V60 style more transparent


I have had a DeLonghi Magnifica machine for nearly 4 years. Love the bean to cup convenience but looking for more control. I have a Niche Zero on order and considering either the Rancilio Silvia with PID or maybe the Sage Dual Boiler. Anyone any thoughts?


Hello @peter :slight_smile: … for me Rancilio was always too litle controll, but with PID it sounds more like it, but I have some thought on in from a friend pro roaster and barista, and he said he quite liked it and for the price he would think of having it home. Its just not offering that lattitude of controll that some of us (like me :smiley: ) do enjoy. But definitely capable of some nice espresso from what he said about it.

The Important question i guess is, how much of a controll freak and espresso enthusiast you are. If you have limited resources for espresso machine you can still get some that are more intense in that … but If you dont like it complicated, it might be just fine.


Just made my first brew with Gina. Its actually very smart how they use the data and guide you through the brew. Nice for a beginner but very enjoyable for me too :wink:


What’s the theory behind the Gina? Looks good for sure