Best grinder for batch brewing?


Hello all,

My church is getting ready to start serving it’s own coffee, and I’m looking into what equipment to recommend for purchase. One area I am struggling in is what grinder to get. For some background, we are planning to batch brew drip coffee (I believe we’ll be getting a Fetco XTS 2131 brewer). Our grinder budget is probably up to $1,000, but a bit less than that would be preferable.

For the sake of saving time for our volunteers I’d like to purchase a grinder that can grind up to 16 oz of beans at a time (with a single button push if possible). This wouldn’t necessarily have to be commercial grade due to our low volume, but I’m having trouble finding consumer grade grinders with a hopper that size.

There’s a lot of reviews and guides out there on grinders that are ideal for espresso, but I’m not seeing near as much written about drip coffee (which I’m guessing is probably coarser than what’s typically used for a V60 pour over).

Anybody have recommendations? Or experience in this area? This is my first time looking into equipment of this caliber. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


You definitely need a commercial grade grinder. The Fetco you mention seems to be made for 3 liter brews or more. That means 150 gram or more per brew. You mention 16 oz (which in google translates into about 450 grams) this could easily break the weak motors of consumer grinders - if not on day one, then likely after a few sessions. Also; the fiddly controls on consumer grinders normally requires knowledge on when you can apply force and especially when you can not!
I can’t think of anything simple and robust for less that 1000 usd but you could look for a commercially used grinder.
In my part of the world I would recommend a used Malkönig Guatemala or Kenia grinder which are routinely available in coffee entusiast forums for 1/3-1/4 of list price.
They are tanks and even when ugly from commercial abuse, they have many more years of life in them. A coffee entusiast will often already have changed the burrs - thus eliminating the need for replacement for many years.


It is 4 years I use both “Hario” and “Gastroback” grinders with no problem . I use special powder for cleaning time to time which is very useful for its efficient and durable performance .


Try looking into Bunn or Ditting, a used one should be around $100USD