Bigger, Silent, Vented


A thought and feedback: bigger, quieter and with ventilation (clean air/no mess/no smell) in mind. I would like to do 50 to 150g batches, and also roast things like cacao beans. I typically resent single use items but make exceptions when I absolutely must. I’d most likely upgrade to a larger roaster and keep this as a sample roaster or give maybe sell, to someone looking to learn roasting. It has been a wonderful tool to learn roasting on. But kind of a nightmare in my kitchen (for my family) since the smell is very strong and my ceiling is very high, it makes the noise like an amphitheater and the smell after a while can give me a headache. So I usually take it outside now. Since the machine is portable. But since it doesn’t really (or potentially need to) move from my counter it would be nice if there was an almost silent fan perhaps no louder than frying bacon (which can still be quite loud).