Blending your roasts


I mean this topic as an open discussion on whether you have already tried blending some roasts and your findings or are curious to do so and like to read others’ experiences.

The reason I start this topic is because this morning I was pleasantly surprised by an unintentional blend :D.

[[Small disclaimer: when most people on this forum are talking, they speak of ‘coffee’ (either french press, aeropress, poor-over, etc.) when I’m talking I talk about espresso! (‘doppio’ would be more exact; which in my case means: 18g ground coffee, ~30s extraction time @~93C, delivering ~40ml of drinkable fluid. This also means that I roast my beans a bit longer ~11min]]

anyway this morning I wanted to make an espresso of Kochere (Ethiopia), but only had 10g left of my roast batch… so I decided, let’s go crazy and fill it up to 18g with the Finca (Guatemala), in short: first not-really-intentional blend. 25 !! minutes later I still had a wonderful aftertaste of a smooth coffee in my mouth. It was a really really nice experience. As with everything I have to repeat this a couple of times to see how much of an ‘accident’ taste this was. Cause especially with espressomachines its hard to get a good ‘god shot’ and it might be that I happened to pull one, while using this blend: amplifying its effect.

So what are your experiences with blending coffee?


I’ve had some happy accidents, though I only blend right now when I come to the same predicament as you did. Right now (still learning, how to roast on this roaster+different beans) I don’t roast blends, or try not too. And I blend post roasting.


:slight_smile: i only blend fromexactly the same reasons - and yes, it can be really nice if you think about it a little and blend to add some new layers for harmony - but most of the time I am interested in the Single origins tastes, so I dont blend if I dont have to.

And, to add to your comment about your usage for espresso - I in fact also mean espresso when I do not state something else. I brew a lot of filters and immersion brews too, but my main focus is espresso (though I roast as light as I can, so filter roasts for most)


I get mixed results using up leftovers from different batches. Sometimes excellent, sometimes not.

The only intentional blends I have done so far was a 50/50 mix of Columbian Andino and Ethiopian Kochere on Espresso profile #1.
Also 50/50 Andino and Brazil Sito on Andino profile. The Brazilian was under developed.
Neither were great.


true to get mixed results, this morning I has 50/50 sidamo (ehtiopia) and Ikawas Burundi and that really didn’t work for me. But we keep experimenting.