Bluetooth issues


I tried roasting in a different room in the house today. Before I could start I had to rescan (Android) for Bluetooth then midroast the connection was lost. I stopped the roast manually when 1c was done. I panicked a bit because I didn’t have time or temperature to go by.
Should the machine still carry out the roast in this scenario?
I’m not sure why this problem occurred as the phone and roaster were in very close proximity.


The IKAWA will store 1 roast profile, whether it has a connection or not. If you only use 1 roast profile you could run the roaster without a connected device each time. The next time any device connects to the roaster, the saved profile will automatically load on the newly connected device.


Thanks Geoff. That’s what I thought afterwards, but in the panic mid roast common sense deserted me!

Need to try and figure out why I’m having an issue with my phones’ Bluetooth. A quick Google search suggests it is not an uncommon problem for Android.


Understandable! Roasting blind is never fun! I’ll close this off if that’s ok, keeps it easy for others with the same issue to find the answer to their question. :slight_smile: