Brasil cerrado beans


Good afternoon. someone tried brasile cerrado? can someone share a profile? thanks


Why not use one of the Brazilian profiles already available in the IKAWA Home library and make adjustments based on your preferences? - All beans are different anyway and so are personal preferences, thus just grab an existing profile closest to your bean at hand, whether that be origin, varietal, process, size… and take it from there.

If you really want profile suggestions, you should probably also provide details about the bean properties (varietal, process…?) as noted above, your taste preferences (dark light…?) and intended use (filter, espresso…?)


unfortunately I do not have a ready-made profile in the IKAWA Home library. there are others, but not brazil. all I could find on the forum is a profile for decaffeinated Brazilian coffee. you’re right. of course it is worth looking for your personal taste preferences. that’s why I bought roaster ikawa. there may still be a profile for the Brazilian roast. thank you


Here’s something I have in my library.
'Brazil Esperanca Espresso ’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe


Thank you very very much. I will try this recipe.


Strange, but here are two standard IKAWA from my library:

The filter version of the one @mshextra supplied above. I have never used it so I can’t comment on how it works:

‘Brazil Sitio Esperança Filter’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe

And here is another - also filter. I have used this for Brazilian pulped natural and natural Bourbon beans with the intend to roast for filter and it worked well as I recall. It is a profile that is easy to extend if you want to go a little darker for espresso:

‘Brazil Sitio Bela Vista’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe


Thank you very much. I will try it