Brazil Dry Process Sitio Niquinho


The green bean, looks kind of yellow which I think I’ve read somewhere that this is the norm. First attempt was very lucky, the nose hit a candied berry, like a mix between grape, cherry and plum(?) when stopped the roast about 10s early. Other times I let it run through, but the nose during the roast on the two other times didn’t smell the same. I think it’s either the luck of that particular batch of beans or the preheat. 24hr rest and I used an aeropress with 22.4g to just beneath the second line and on hot cup the nose is every so slightly baked, but sweet. notes of cherry and nuts. The cool cup is crazy complex, flowing though a deep chocolate, slightly dry cacao in the back of the throat, honey, berry fruit, every so slight banana and palm, date, and panela sugar.


This is great, thanks! I’m about to re-order from Sweet Maria’s and am looking for beans that someone (smarter than me) has developed a profile, so I can actually appreciate it and enjoy the coffee rather than wasting it looking for the right starting curve. Do you have a consolidate list of the profiles and different beans you have used from Sweet Maria’s (or another site)? Right now I’m just creepily looking though your old posts for links like this. Thanks!


Hey, no problem. To lurk is human, but to answer your question… I think this coffee is still up on SM website but usually they aren’t available for long. I don’t think any of the other coffee’s I’ve posted about are still up. I actually like this profile so much I roasted another two full batches, also to test the consitancy of the roast/er. (although I overwrote and lost the original profile I am fairly confident the one I listed is close to a second or two to the original, play around have fun) It’s only a waste of a bean if you don’t learn anything, also there are other options like re-roastig to 2nd crack and giving it away if it’s drinkable but not to your tastes, using it as a blend etc etc.

No I do not have a consolidated list of beans a profiles. Usually green beans don’t stay around long on any site so…

Def read through the older posts (not just mine) there are probably answers to questions you have and if not, post it, but don’t expect an exact answer. Or a correct one we are all still learning here. GL!


Thanks for the quick reply. All the best…