Burr Grinder Recommendations



To be clear I cannot give this grinder (Baratza Sette) a resounding recommendation (yet).

It seems I am having problems getting a fine enough grind for espresso. Possibly to do with burr alignment - it appears that the burrs are not close enough at the finest setting. But I am still troubleshooting and so long as this is resolved then I will be very happy with the grinder.


NIce! interesting feature I’m curious how they manage that. A grind with my grinder (fiorenzato f4 nano) takes ~20s

That really sounds familiar my first (newly bought) grinder was a baratza virtuoso which was highly recommended. I also just bought a 2nd hand Cellini rocket, I was a complete n00b and (thus) the coffee tasted (really) terrible. One of the things that bugged me is that a double shot should take ~20-30s for ~60ml and I reached that volume at 12s period. No matter what I did: 12s. (and terrible coffee). Eventually I decided to take a course where I insisted that i brought my own equipment (as I was 90% sure that the 2nd hand cellini was somehow broken). they had the same issue and replied: the grinder is broken, or more specifically: it does not grind fine enough. I’ve delved into tweaking the baratza online and concluded indeed that it was a manufacturing issue so I send it back. Got it ‘repaired’ for one week after which I already started notice a decline in ‘fineness’ so I sold it online for half price and decided to never ever buy a baratza anymore. I’m probably a loner in that as most people online find it a fantastic grinder (at that price)…

I see now that I’m not the only one anyore. It appears that Baratza make great grinders, as long as you don’t brew espresso with it.


It seems that way at present… certainly when working with a manual machine like the Rossa — which seems to need a finer grind than a commercial machine. So it may just be a mismatch with the Rossa (= not good for me - but not a bad grinder)

However this grinder has been recommended by everyone under the sun. Including David Schomer http://espressovivace.com/education/news/ (who I regard as something of a grinder expert). He has apparently used one at home for a year (not without issues - but still very good).

So I am not giving up quite yet - will probably send it back to the factory for calibration.


Ok … Hiku is at home, and after first two espresso shots I have say you all need to buy this grinder and try it … no really … I mean… really!.. it is Way better than I expected it to be. Today after unpacking we tried it at one local cafe on LaMarzocco machine, coparing it against Mythos grinder … and it was very much alike … if anything the barista said it seemed rounder and smoother a little bit. Also … I just set it to a particle size I expected should work on 18g shot (450 microns, after grinding 10g on recommended 400microns 0.4 setting that would work better for 16g shot probably) no dialing and it went exactly the same as their dialed shot from mythos. Sooooo … its too early really to be sure about anything, but so far I can say I Love This Grinder :smiley: