Buying Green beans


H were is everyone getting there green beans here in the uk?


I am not in the UK, but I buy (at least until Brexit makes it impractical) from HasBean. They have a great selection- and I like the people.


Hi Thanks for that I will give them a try. Do you have a favourite one and roast profile?
Many thanks


I am still very new to the Ikawa Home, but I have bought pre-roasted beans from HB for years. One of my absolute favourites is their Kenyan Kiriga Estate AA.
November 2017 I had the chance to roast this bean on an IKAWA Pro using 5 different profiles, while at the same time I got the bean roasted by HasBean on the same day.
A few weeks later I did a blind cupping of the 6 coffees with a handful of enthusiast friends, and the clear winner was the one roasted with the IKAWA PRO Tim Wendelboe profile.
I have tried to adapt this PRO profile into something similar on the HOME roaster and so far this is the one which has performed closest
It drops close to the end of FC, thus it is very light and not to everyones liking - it also requires at least 2 weeks resting time to become balanced (3-4 is better). It is bright, crisp with an acidity that closely matches the aromatic notes of blackcurrant - amazingly juicy.

A more developed and little closer to the way HB has chosen to roast, but still brighter and closer to how I like it, is this profile
It takes the roast a little further and doesn’t require quite as long a rest (1 week less than the lighter profile).

BTW: Has Bean provides their own general roasting suggestion on the “Cupping Notes” tab for each bean they sell.

[Edit: The above profiles are best suited for filter coffee. If intended for espresso I recommend trying to replicate the HasBean profile]


I am currently getting green beans from Redber Roasters (Guildford). They supply beans in bags of 250g and 500g as well as 1Kg and up. Delivery starts at about £2.50 and is normally 2 to 3 days.


Hi do you have a favourite bean from there? I like a middle to dark roast


My current favourites are: Guatemala Antigua and Colombia Excelso Huila.

However, they also have a grade 2 Ethiopian Sidamo that is very good also.

Take a look at: