Calling all espresso pullers, Marshal Etheo profile inquiry


Yaikes … I have seen that one … :smiley:
I think its not about being judgmental, I would not say anything to anyone if the outcome is an excellent shot, but hard to believe it could happen after such a tamp.
Sure not everyone has to be as much “OCD” about the preparation and tamp as I do (though I am nowhere near extreme case - I have seen quite a lot of examples of that :smiley: ) but there are some things that simply scream out loud it will not be a good shot. (Like a portafilter with a thick layer of dark matter in it, or tamping a portafilter that has a large heap of grounds on one side and is half emtpy on the other …) … not that this kind of tamp you described can not be good one … its just hard to believe it will :smiley:


My procedure is - after grinding into a vessel, not a portafilter (due to the nature of my grinder) … I do a slow “pour” of the grounds into the basket to redistribute without actually using WDT, I sometimes do a little knock agains the mat (one … small one) to have it settle, but most of the time I dont do that because of more dense coffee. I then level it in the basket with a narrow edge of some tool (so that I dont push it down, only move it around and make flush with top of the basket and even everywhere - this is where I can also get some information about the coffee, how far it is from a usual density, if the dose is right etc … because with 19,4g and a most usuall density for me I am nicely leveled withou the need to knock it once before …if I need to force it in a little it says something, and if I can not make it full and level it also gives me a hint of what to expect during extraction. Then a light to medium force tamp, turn 90 degrees, a little lighter tamp, twist polish and ready to go :smiley: Not too crazy at all I would say … it just takes a little time but its very rewarding for me :smiley:


What do you mean by “a thick layer of dark matter”?


Well … usually when you remove the basket from portafilter, if it not cleaned much there is a layer of old residue, oils, that will completely ruin the taste … but some experts have even the basket covered in that :smiley: so … thats what I mean. Thankfully where I like to drink my espressos in the morning its all nice and shiny, but I have seen that ugly dirty portafilter few times before.


Oh my…i think there is a place in coffee hell for those who don’t clean portafilters and equipment.