City Roast (to all who simply don't like Light)


@eca05rjc: thank you for sharing, I have to say though that a screenshot would really help (given the profile).

@Dven: Nice breakdown of the tasting! However, what is mesquite ?


There you go try that…


Interesting profile, I see the ‘gradual’ temperature rise more and more often here. I’m still in the area of steep rise and then steady as she goes.

The fan speed though, why do you initially go up?


With the fan increasing at first it just seemed to help the beans move around a bit better and the chaff come off…think it just needs experimenting with tbh.
It does a pretty dark intense roast which is how I like my coffee but maybe a little dark for many. Seems to have a good strong taste and amazing smell after a few hours.
Work in progress…


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Mesquite is a tree in the southern part of the USA, also found in Texas. It is an edible plant, the chips can be used as ‘smoking’ chips for bbq’s. It gives a really nice sweet, malty, barley(scotchy), honey mustard, molasses like aroma. Really one of my favorite smoking woods to use.

It’s taking some work but people are coming around :small_airplane:

yes yes experiment mauahahaha. But really test out for yourself, so far I’ve found fan serves multiple purposes one being (for the beginning) agitation/circulation…yes chaff removal but more important is water removal to begin the ball rolling.

I am no way saying your taste preference is negative in any way, I am stating that you may like something else…I mean you bought this thing so why not, right?.So, here it goes:

By intensity are you talking about the general overarching flavor of “coffee” and “roast” because I was able to get a Brazil and Macadamia nut in my cup that I would call “intense” because of the clarity of flavor and duration that it lasted. And a very strong viscosity that I would call, oil like. But overall I feel that it was hindered by me not stopping early enough so I didn’t get as strong of a roasted taste, and maybe get more of/not loose as much of the nuttiness. I feel some roast taste can be an accent, like on a steak or searing some zucchini. y/n?


liking a post, I didn’t even know it was possible. keep learning something new each day :smiley:

increasing the fan to get the chaff off is indeed a nice experiment, I’ll check that out myself as well!

have you read read the subject of this thread :wink:


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Hi @Geoff_IKAWA, I received my IKAWA Home a few weeks ago, bought through the truely wonderful team at Bureaux in Melbourne. I am a home roaster with a little experience through my Gene Cafe. I’m loving the Ikawa but finding it hard to locate the library of profiles (shared by other owners) which I thought would be available. Is there a place to find a volume of other users roast profiles?

Like others I drink a mix of filter and espresso and find the roast profiles available on the app, perfect for filter however I am found wanting for a great espresso roast profile which suits my taste.

Right now I’m seeking an espresso roast a little lighter than the Espresso Roast #1 available in the blog you refer to. Whilst seeking something lighter, I am still wanting an espresso for a milk blend. Coming from Sydney, I enjoy the wave of slightly lighter espresso roasts evident in the last few years. I found Espresso roast #1 a little too dark.

Can you (or anyone else) share additional espresso roast profiles?

Many thanks


Hey I’m not sure what beans you are roasting (profiles are bean and region dependent) but I give you some profiles which you’ll still have to decide when to drop (based on smell, color, and cracks/development). I’m on my phone so I’m just going to list links.

Lots of body targeting fruit:
targeting developed acidity

fantastic with 10days rest

Good for Brazil stopping at 25-30s post 1stCrack


Hey @Grahamgk, welcome and great to hear you’re enjoying your IAH! The team at Bureaux is amazing, so great to have them on board.

The library you’re referring to is maybe our professional sample roaster library. However, we are working to consolidate more home profiles for everyone to use. Right now, you’re in the right places and this community is super knowledgeable and can answer and supply a lot of help. Thanks to @deven.patel411 for sharing a few profiles. Maybe @pavel has a few for you to try as well?

Which coffees are you using for your espresso blend?


Hi @Geoff_IKAWA, great to hear from you. @deven.patel411and @rsegers have been very generous in sharing their roast profiles - outstanding!

The beans I’m using for the espresso (blend) roast include both some acquired through Tim2 at Bureaux (1/3 each of Columbia, Brazil and Ethiopian) and also the following:

And this as a SO


Hi @deven.patel411 I have just realised I replied to you via email a few days ago, but of course that doesn’t work! I simply wanted to say to you and also @rsegers, thanks so much. Great to learn from each of you. Many thanks! Graham


@Geoff_IKAWA, the hot air community is a rich source of intel which is great for those like me who are happy to trawl through to find the ‘gems’. Can I suggest perhaps, rather accessing the roast profiles scattered through the various threads on the community, have a central repository, well indexed, making roast profiles easy to find and share. This would be a great path to ‘fast start’ and ensure a great experience with the IAH right from the outset…for years to come.

Another popular addition would be to ‘translate’ the best / most popular roast profiles within the pro community. I appreciate there’s quite a difference in the two roasters, however I feel now having paid a (post Kickstarter) sum for the IAH, it would be great to have ready access to the ‘best of the best’ (‘translated’ as best as possibles). Food for thought perhaps.


+1 for the repository

Also two things

  1. in order to build upon the idea of a library and what profiles are good or not could have an upvote or “like” for the profile
  2. so far as a group there hasn’t been much public feedback on the profiles listed as of yet.

Might I suggest that for the profiles I listed above to “drop” the beans aka press the button to initiate the cool down mode anywhere from 5-25s after hearing the first crack. For my profiles it is the 4th pt that determines color and between the 4th and 5th ( the last segment) that is the development. I did a bit of a write up before my laptop died. Listed here:

I’d be interested to hear your feedback if you try the profiles. I use Third Wave Water but lately I’ve been adding a pinch of Epsom Salt for some extra Mg+, I brew in an aeropress now usually. But brewing doesn’t matter necessarily because with a good roast, ground after enough rest I’ve found the grinds to smell nice and powerfully aromatic.


Absolutely @deven.patel411. I also use third wave water, though as espresso through my Strietman ES3 lever. Will let you know how I go with your profiles. Again - thanks so much.


I made a slight mistake for the “10days rest” profile, I meant to put this:

This one smelled really good immediately after roasting too, it was used on an Ethiopian DP from Kochere