Closure of the Hot Air Community



We will be closing the Hot Air Community. For almost five years, this space has been allocated to discussion of all aspects of coffee, from shared recipes, and knowledge, to brew recipes. We have collectively gone down the rabbit hole of all things home roasting.

For those who have been actively involved in building this community, we cannot thank you enough. Forums are nothing without those who participate. We thank each and everyone of you who has posted, replied, liked and commented.

We do understand that this forum has been a documentation of the roasting journey for some and the platform will be missed. It is a decision that has taken us a very long time and has not been taken lightly.

We are now looking for a better way to build our community for each and every IKAWA Home Roaster user. As we grow as a community, we see that the HAC is not the ideal place for everyone to gain insights and guidance on their roasting journey. We want everyone to have the same sense of belonging, to feel part of the IKAWA Home Community, whether they are just dipping a toe into the world of coffee roasting or are a self proclaimed coffee geek - something we have not yet been able to support through the Hot Air Community.

We currently do not have a fixed date for when we close the forum… We will provide notice one month before new posts will not be authorised and 6 months before the forum becomes inaccessible and no longer in view.

Best regards and happy roasting,

The IKAWA Home Team.

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