COFFEE ORIGINS - database only


the purpose of this place should be to collect as many coffee origins as possible roasted with Ikawa Home roaster. This is an invitation for all, so that we could find easier what we are looking for and what’s similar or same to our coffee interests, ways of preparing and roasting. Please don’t use this thread for discussions, let’s make this as clear as possible. So this could be the place where you can address someone with similar interests. Any suggestions are welcome. I am not a grand master at all :slight_smile: Thank you!

I am from Europe (Croatia, Zagreb)
I only drink espresso.
My interests are: medium-darker roasts, just before 2c ideally.
Grinder I use: Lagom P64 (High-uniformity burrs)
Technique: Espresso (Lelit Bianca)
Coffee origins: Brazil Yellow Bourbon, Guatemala Delicia HSB, Tanzania Robusta Bio & Fair, India Parchement Robusta, India Monsooned Malabar Arabica.

These are currently my roasted beans and this is where I buy beans from: