Cold espresso shots


I think Pavel mentioned cold shots - I’ve tried it myself with mediocre results at best…maybe there’s a roast profile or bean type that could help enable really good cold shots… I know La Colombe is selling cold pressed espresso with milk in cans, and it’s quite good…not much origin flavor, but good coffee flavor. Based on my very limited experience, cold shots may offer some enjoyable elements (although I suspect the flavor profile will appeal more to people who aren’t really into specialty coffee, but it may be a good gateway drink :wink:). Those elements may include lower perceived acidity, smooth mouthfeel, and good body - just guesses based on my attempts and cold brewed coffee. Any thoughts about roast, rest, grind, or pulling the shot with colder water? Perhaps a specially formulated water, like third wave water but, and I’m just speculating here, with double the mineral content… I may have to try that :thinking::grinning::coffee:️.


Great :slight_smile: so I am not the only crazy person trying that :smiley: cool. I was thinking really hard how do you make your cold espresso shots, because it takes a very special machine to be able to even think about it, but when you mentioned you have Nomad …I knew why … (I also thinked about Nomad , but then I get portaspresso and it did not make sense to have a simillar concept - but I think they have a lot in common, only think that I am not sure about with Nomad is thermal stability … how fast the temperature really drops.)
How long shots did you try? I think you need to think about cold espresso similarly as cold brew … so it needs to go very slow …yet under quite some pressure. I would guess it needs to be at least 10 minute shot but probably longer.
So you need to make a puck that has this resistance to drip slowly under 9bar or so … I was not able to get even to a 20s shot …gushers all the time with cold water.
Otherwise I think it should produce very very interesting coffee … but beware … the coffeine levels could be crazy high. Even standard cold drip is pretty intense …
Looking forward to some more details on your procedure.