Colombia finca la chorrera washed caturra sc decaf


Sooo. This one arrived today from Hasbean, UK. Looking forward to checking if this will be the first decaf that would actually taste good. So far all were lacking a lot in the taste department.


I have bought 2 kg, so have enough room to find out … Which is lovely :smiley:


Oops @Geoff_IKAWA - may I ask if you might move this topic into “coffee” … Not sure how it happened but seems to be out of that category …


pics requested, have fun lol, my advice is don’t roast it all at once. :wink:


decaf?! interesting. I’ve never showed much interest for it but I’m curious to your findings. What is the reason you’re going for decaf if I may ask? Also do you now which method has been used to decaf the beans? (CO2, water, dichloromethane?).


They describe it as sugarcane method … but not sure what that means. My interest in it is because I would like to be able to make coffee for my wife even when she might need to stay low on cafein, but at the same time all decafs so far were not really interesting. But this one sounds that it might have some potential :smiley:


yeah EA is a fairly new method. Interesting (but as said, not really for me, nor my wife for that matter). Although perhaps guests who’d prefer decaf…I’ll keep an eye open.


Hey pavel - no worries, I just changed that over now. Cheers


Interesting method indeed.
My main interest in decaf is because I think pregnancy and cafein do not mix well ;)) but also, because I love making and drinking coffee, not for the cafein but for the taste, and with my 5 to 6 espresso shots daily I am at my limit of how much of cafein I want to drink daily. So having some enjoyable decaf would help me enjoy the taste without adding some more …

But sure, so far I did not like any decaf … and if I dont find this one pleasant, I would probably stop trying …


decafs apparently look darker than the roast is. good luck.


Humpf. I did a first pass on andioesque profile. Hum hum … well its too dark obviously. And it smells quite different to any other bean I roasted before. And … its all very different. But lets see how it tastes, I still keep my hopes to maybe have something enjoyable.

I add one cross section, this also does not look good … and in a moment I will add some more pictures of the first batch.

Wed Feb 28 18-32-04



what is the first pic? Is that a close up of a bean??
and let us know how it tastes, I’m curious to the result.


The first one is a cross cut of roasted bean under microscope.

And, I have to say its a big surprise for me… we tasted it today and its really quite nice, not tasting dark at all, actually it tasted in a way that I will do a longer darker roast next time for some added body and sweetness. But very interesting taste with some fruitness and mild acidity, very much rounded I would say, and with some sundried tomato taste lingering there … I will see if this one convert to more fruits and sweetness with more development, but even as it is now it was more than enjoyable I would say.

Definitely best decaf I have ever had.


I think that’s a little dark :):slight_smile: I don’t think the roast taste will become (significantly) distinct until tomorrow or the next day so either drink fast or store away for a couple days to taste it’s progression, please let me know. Most times I’ve found that usually fresher is better in these cases, and time can give a different taste. I have not seen a decrease yet in tomato tastes once they are in the bean/cup. Though I am looking at trying to alter those underdeveloped tastes by storing in a vacuumed bottle, not bag.

Are you getting any of the tasting notes on the bag?


I think its too early for me to comment on those taste notes on the bag. Brown sugar sure, that one is obvious and clearly there, but raspberry jam … that one I think might mean something a little different to them than to me. I am used to have it very sour and I like it that way, but I think this can not be present by any means … some way sweeter version it would need to be, and maybe those raspberries would need to be a little bit fermented :)) … um and apple … that one I think is so wide a description that I dont know what to say about it. But there is some other fruity taste too, very complex and unusual … its connected with that tomato taste too. So far I do not have a good description for it … reminds me of some combination of figs, dates, tamarind and little bit of those sun dried tomatoes … it also taste litlle bit salty, but only a hint of salt, like in some otherwise sweet sauce or in chocolate.


I’ve noticed in other discussion that what I like to call ‘grassy’ or ‘green’ is called ‘tomato’ by others. If that is the case here as well then that particular taste will dissipate when you further develop the beans and/or let them rest for a few days. This will however also go at the cost of the acidity and the bright notes of the coffee. Personally I like the darker tones in coffee so I develop them further then most. However given that the description on the bag mainly emphasise on the brighter notes its fairly possible that further development will flatten the overall taste, where the brown sugar will remain the longest. I guess some experimentation is in order :D.


Well I think my dried tomato here would not be your green grassy taste … its more of yellow-orange taste, or maybe even in a direction of umami/soy sauce …
What I am expecting from a little longer development is a little more sweetness and maybe more defined fruits, but as you say … it will take some sampling to see how this bean behaves. Its definitely different, and I have to say I quite like it. I would think its maybe some Kenya if I did not know what am I drinking, but not a decaf at all.


Btw … I have some roasted beans from Hasbean. Salvador, Natural Guatemala, and Kenya … and all are great … had a lot of fun tasting them all today :slight_smile:


Decaf always seem to take on colour much quicker than other coffees, I’m not sure why. The same profile with a regular and decaf bean leaves the decaf looking waaayy darker, for some reason. But, like you mentioned, not tasting so much like it.


Which Kenyans? I’ve just finished Karagoto AA and have a couple of roasts left of Kieni AA. Both are very good. Karagoto just shades it. Will try the peaberry next and there is an AB that sounds nice.
Btw the Rwanda Buf is fabulous.
I did give a thought about this decaf but I’ve never really liked any decaf I’ve tried before. Might give it a shot seeing as you like it.