Colombia Inzá Cresta El Hato



Here is a roast adapted from the IKAWA Andino Especial profile. I have using it for Colombia Inzá Cresta El Hato beans that I bought from Sweet Maria’s. If you let them rest for a week, they make great espresso!


Nice! I have those beans I’ll give it a whirl and let you know. I’m working on a profile I am starting to get actually nice looking beans, half of my 5lbs is gone but hopefully I’ll find something that will “wow” me in the cup.


Let me know what you think. It is a bit darker than some, but there is no taste of the roast, just the beans. I drink at least 3 shots of espresso most mornings and am experimenting with slightly longer roasts to give my gut a break. The Colombian is still very, very fruity. I still have the taste of my last shot from a while ago in my mouth. Very nice. But if you don’t let it rest for about a week after roasting, they flavor seems to be thin.


I tried the profile, I haven’t cupped it, I’m giving it a couple days at least. When I tasted the freshly cooled bean, I did pick up fruited notes, the clarity was a bit muddled, but there was definitely a roasted note to it. I’m sure it will come out but my personal view is that if it doesn’t had to the cup then it should be eliminated. Because what it is doing is taking up or using up, potential flavor.

As I was testing profiles, I tried this one and I got a bean that looked almost perfect. Some may roll their eyes and get all semantically about what is the “perfect bean” but it looked, honestly, almost perfectly even. No multicolor variation of brown. The bean was smooth each to chew and gushed out flavor. I should have taken a picture but suffice to say, I ate it without thinking. It also was (when tasted the other freshly roasted bean), thin, powdery and fairly tasteless: meaning to me that this profile was not encompassing/fair enough to all the other beans. Maybe something will come up but probably not. This was a hybrid between my “A profile” condensed and a Sumatra Manhandling where I used a convex curve during the Millard/Caramelizaiton.

This profile (listed below), gives the best taste. And also is able to help fulfill multiple purposes like properly expanding the bean (potentially an even outside development) and getting a moisture loss I like without getting to hot. And most importantly, I have been getting the most success (getting close to the flavors described) with these style of profiles than any other. With this variation one roast I got a distinct lychee flavor, another roast was apple and apricot, blackberry jam, this roast has been all over (in the dry bean). Slight papery taste that goes away by the second day, a somewhat thin cup, but some to lots of dark cacao (in the cup).
These roasts are only 2 days rested so I will be monitoring closely while trying to not get overly caffeinated.

Note that this was just the base profile and was altered sightly based on what I thought best

About giving your stomach a rest. Yes you should, definitely. I also drink a lemon juiced into a 16oz cup of water in the morning. I heard this somewhere from a coffee drinker/shop(?) and I like it. Trying to stay hydrated while drinking so much coffee has proven oxymornic. Also general health and hygiene contribute to being able to taste better so don’t skip out. And besides the one or two cups a day I actually drink…I mostly just taste and spit and sometimes I go through a couple tastes before I found a cup I want to drink. Also I look for the liquid to be more in the realm of brown than red.

Lastly, something interesting to note was that I tried a profile of just getting to 500*F in 2mins and then staying there. I was testing the ET thermometer and I decided to do a couple test with loaded beans. I dropped the beans anywhere from 15-45s post 1st crack. And the pre 35s drops I got heavy sweet jasmine when wetting the beans and in the cup. First time I’ve ever tasted florals hard, everything else about the cup was not good, overly acidic etc etc etc.



So today being the 5th day I tried three cups today, the first two were variations of the Marshal Etheo Columbian, one variation was full and creamy very much third wave coffee style, almost exactly like Hair Bender and similar to Sweet Maria’s roasted coffee. When pressing a shot, I left the room and came back and could smell some berry. The ground beans both give hits of fruit, the past two days a lot of the paper/bread has dissipated, The nose on the hot cup both get baking spices . But I am getting a lot of chocolate from everything on the cool cup, maybe too much chocolate? I think I might have dropped them too late? The fruits seem to be creeping up so I’m happy to wait and see. The Colombian CeH v.9 by far the earliest to get the chocolate, but I think the high heat has taken this in the bittersweet range too far and that acid is REALLy strong and vague… (not to sound negative)… Personally this just reaffirms my thinking that these over arching profiles are nice in the beginning but leave a lot of control/ or precision, more testing still needs to be done. It feels like cutting off prosciutto in block rather than slices. I’m getting the flavor, but not the texture I like. According to my ET the Millard took about 4 minutes instead of the avg of about 3min for the Marshal Etheo. Don’t worry my prejudices only effect my taste. I didn’t note any stalling in the CeH v.9 but pretty much all the Marshal’s did. Finding the adjustment necessary to stop the stall with heat seem impossible without going screaming fast. I think maybe this is the job of the fan(?) most of the profiles I did just had a strait 78% or something like that. All the Marshal profiles have a much more fruited acidity/milder/sweeter like juice again. The chocolate is not as prominent but much creamier, no distillate/grain on the tongue. I do think when I can taste/feel that juice in the cup I am very close with a profile. This bean is delicious, I wish it didn’t sell out so quickly, I definitely would have purchased more.


Nice notes, Deven. I am out of that bean but I will try your Marshal on some other Colombians. I too wish Sweat Maria’s had more of the Inzá Cresta el Hato! I am still enjoying some of beans I roasted.
As to the beans stalling, I had to drop the weight of green beans about half a gram. Anything below 60g seemed to work. I generally weigh the lb bag sent by Sweat Maria’s (they vary) try dividing it by 7. If that does not work, I divide by 8 which is usually between 50 and 60g.
My only complaint with the IKAWA is the small size of batches. It takes me about 2 hours to roast enough for the week.
One question: Is there ever too much chocolate? Not possible!


Yea sure try it on stuff, the feature about this profile is that it’s more about lateral movement then altering the points by temperature, keeping the ratio among the segments fairly similar as well.

My batch sizes are usually 50g’s. If I only have 1lb of beans then I weigh in 45g and sort from there and re-weigh so I can get 10 batches.


So I just finished the last of the Columbian CeH (v.2) profile, I think today was the 10th day, I noticed some fruit tones on the ground beans. In the cup there was more acid than I prefer, the roasty notes did die down though the baked notes were still apparent in the hot cup. Fruit type undistinct but juicy quality in the cup. I think my water did a real disservice to the profile, or looking at another way, the profile didn’t get past my water…other than that it was ok. The ground bean were significantly lighter than the outside, they did not get as smooth on the outside as the the others (that is a problem I’ve been trying to move past if someone knows how to get a smooth even colored exterior), the soup color was still a little red for me but the beans were fairly easy to grind, I forgot to write down the moisture loss I think it was somewhere in the 12% range, maybe 13%.

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