Colombian Antioquia Espresso



Colombian Antioquia Recipe

Tasting Notes: A well rounded and medium bodied coffee from Colombia’s Antioquia Region in the North West of the country surrounded by the Andes. This bean has a rich acidity, a citrusy flavor, & a clean, sweet aftertaste. One of our favourites.

Origin: Colombia

Estate: Antioquia Estates

Varieties: Caturra, Typica, Bourbon

Grade: Excelso

Certification: Fairtrade

Processing: Wet Processed


Hey @cliff, I really appreciate all the details you posted about the bean! I used a version of this profile for a macerated natural Colombia, Narino from Royal On my first run the variation hit several positive markers for me. 1) good fruited smells on the crack 2) cracking/crunching the bean as it cools on my tray (I pour the beans on a metal tray to finish cooling after a 2 min cool down cycle in the roaster) 3) great aroma of the whole bean in the container the next day.

The profile certainly had enough momentum in the beginning for this natural hybrid but perhaps not enough towards the end, even with me knocking down 10F off the second segment. Though in my next attempts I’ll be lowering the 2nd segment slightly further and raise the end flat to 445-450ish range and possible a 435-468F incline at the end, because I feel natural tend to need a more inclined ROR at the end than WP beans.

With my updated roaster and how it specs out, I find it so much easier to understand your profiles and these higher arching, FSSF profiles. And this style does still yield the same type of flavor profile, so that is comforting.

Below is my alteration, and if my future profiles yield a better result I will post them, cheers!

‘Colombia Antioquia Espresso Na’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe

This was a high density natural, with a screen size of 15-17 (mostly), 1975 masl, the processing was macerated natural that was fermented first and then naturally processed, Variety: Columbia


Thanks. Glad somebody looked at the recipes. I am now working on my Brazil Ipanema recipe and have a dozen candidates roasts lying in suspense for a week to stabilise before tasting. We have great fun making these. I tend to produce a number of candidate recipes based on similar beans and varying the times and temperatures. Then as I have 6 coffee drinkers in the house, we are able to try each roast variant and the most most popular becomes the one I publish.


Wow 6 coffee drinkers?! I’m kind of envious! I am sure lots of people look at the profiles, fyi if you click the “open in a new tab” for a link, the count does not register. However here the issue is people look but do not respond, to put it lightly it is uncomfortable. But I will try to respond as best I can. Great profiles you posted :+1: it will take me some time to test them, but to me it’s very much appreciated. Are you preheating your roaster before you roast? If so what does your preheat look like?