Costa Rica Miel Palmital de Rivas Perez Zeledon Honey


Another one to make a bunch of samples from. Crazy long name, and hopefully interesting taste profile :wink:
For the first two I tried TPv2 (andino style) and Rwanda F6


Nice! Haven’t tried a honey yet, looking forward to your tasting notes. My question is: What is the reasoning for using these two profiles for these coffee’s, are these your go-to’s now? Also for me I have been finding that my first crack window is sssuuppeerrr small meaning C to C+, FC etc. is 5-10s between each. But your notes seem like they are more like drum profiles with a drop at ‘x’ seconds during/after 1C with more of a 10-20s gap. Are you noticing more complex/general(non specific) flavors ( a number of fruits). For me I feel like I am getting one specific flavor, acid, body and aftertaste. So for this Ethiopian I get (if you haven’t heard me say before) blueberry, mango/orange juice like juicy acid, med bod and milk chocolate and dry cacao aftertaste. Which hits some of the green’s tasting notes but didn’t get cranberries, blackberry, fruit jam.

Are you testing different cups at different drops (eg. C+, FC+, Vienna etc.)?


Why I made the first two batches with these profiles - hmm - TPv2 is obvious, since its made from that colombia andino, and that Rwanda F6 I tried because I like how it works. Its a very slow and steady progressing profile, I was not sure about the size of the spike, but I wanted to try it anyway.

Next batches I want to try will use most probably a profile based on Guatemala, and maybe Brazil from the default ones, the LiteBrite one, and one of yours A profiles

What I try to do on these sets of first test batches, is using different profiles but get it to a simillar development, as close as I can get them. That includes simillar hardness when chewing, simillar moisture loss … (usually like 43 to 44g from 50g green) and I try to get just above that underdeveloped tastes, not much more ďvelopment than that.

I would most probably do another set of batches from the most promissing profile, going 10s or 5s intervals for different developmets under the same profile but since I usually get about 250 to 300g its just the first set … its just to get some idea what to expect from the bean and how it reacts to different profiles (if it may react well to a very short or very long profile for example)


you might try my Ethiopian profile in the Ethiopian natural thread instead of the A for a honey processed.