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IKAWA Home 2.0 226
I like it’s new look as it’s gotten “Applelized”.
Although I personally find the shop tab a bit redundant and the add tab always catches me confused, I kind of learn how much heat applied through the graph and coloured area.
But! Does anyone know how to switch the counting time back to progressing time? I mean how many minutes and seconds have past since the roast begins, which is critically specific for taking notes on phrases of the bean developing in the toaster. Or is there another way to keep track? Any idea appreciated.


Hi @kiweep7 ,

Thank you :slight_smile:

Currently there is no option to alter the count time.
We’re working on implementing the feature with an option to toggle between the modes.

We’ll keep you posted and in the meantime happy roasting.




Cheers man. It would be of a great help to my recording and profiling.
I’m looking forward to it.


The disappearance of elapsed time was my biggest bug bear about this new release. In fact I wasted no time in messaging Ikawa with feedback.

It’s interesting Ikawa are now looking to implement the toggle time feature, as that, was my exact recommendation I put forward in my message. I wonder if it’s because of me? I hope so, because that truly means Ikawa is taking notice of us :grinning:


They do. Just send them a message or leave a message here in the forum here. People with same needs or ideas will follow up.


Hi ,

@kiweep7 @Christo-Faulds
Thanks for the feedback.
We’re taking notice :raised_hands::grin:.

We’re currently busy working on updates, bug fixes and collecting user feedback.
I’ll keep you all posted, happy roasting.

Kind regards,