Has anyone roasted a Cuban Serrano Altria bean I’m just trying to work out a good starting point . I’m just looking at getting some from coffee Compass


With such little info on the bean and my utter lack of experience. You can try this. I use batches of 55g. What kind of processing are the beans, what’s the density? Does the site have things like moisture content and variety? I’d suggest doing couple batches dropping 10s, 20s, 45s after first crack. And one batch dropping at the first sounds of 2nd crack. Welcome to the jungle.


I think you won’t find much info on this bean. Not one I’ve tried.

There is a trade embargo placed on Cuba by the US and in the UK you cannot use PayPal to buy it.

I guess it will be a washed typica varietal grown 1000-1200m. Pennine tea and coffee also have a Cuban Serrano

I would maybe try roasting it like a Brazilian as a first go?