Dark Brazil Sitio Esperança 1C-2C


This roasting profile is intended for the IKAWA Brazil Sitio Esperanç.
I like my espresso dark and this profile goes through 1C and starts cooling the moment 2C is done.
If you like your espresso dark. Try it out :hugs:

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Happy roasting :slightly_smiling_face:



@cp.peterhuang here is a Dark one for you :point_up:


Every time I have done a flat profile like that it didn’t yield spectacular results. If you like going dark for fully cooked fruit or deeper into chocolate and furthest into caramel, to me that is acceptable. But if you like coffee for a sharp note coffee than please ignore this post.

Besides the sample profile I call Immediate Use (Profiles for immediate use)which should go to and through (a little) 2C. I am not sure if the bean you are using is a DP and a Bourbon, but since its from Brazil I’m going to say most likely. I liked this next profile, though will need to be adjust for your climate, etc. The profile can be found here: Brazil Dry Process Sitio Niquinho, if you try it please give feedback.

This is a lighter profile but since it develops for so long it could be right up your alley. And as always, adjust as you see fit.



Hi @deven.patel411 Please try my espresso roast profile I love to hear your feedback.

Best regards Søren


Yea for sure, I will the next time I get in a Brazil. I only have a WP Ethiopian and a PNG with an unusual processing method, like a washed honey(?) at the moment.