Dark French Roasting


It see you cannot go beyond like 12 mn roasting. when i stove top pan roasted I would go 20+ min at like 190-200 c. So are we indeed limited in the time ? Also silly question can you put roasted beans back into doser for a second roasting. i have not heard first or second cracking, is this my ears or lack of attention?

  1. no 2) if you are roasting to French on any machine and you don’t hear 1st or 2nd, it’s you.


You can roast pitch black in 12min should you wish.
Hot air roaster cannot be directly compared with other roaster methods.
50 grams of beans does not make much noise, but a few cracks should be audible at the first crack. I never roast to 2nd crack so I wouldn’t know how it sounds.


2nd sounds like a puffed rice in cereal or the sounds roasted nuts make when they are cooling. Like a light sizzle/crackling.


thank you, funny I was roasting today and I still do not hear the 1st or 2nd crack, maybe my ears are too old, lo


It could also be the speed of the ROR and general profile shape. I just bought a weed trimmer for the thickets that grow in my ears!
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