Dark Roast Help!


I am totally new to the Ikawa Home Roaster and, indeed, purchased mine second hand via the Coffee Forums UK site.

I usually use Old Brown Java beans and I like a very dark (almost black and slightly oily) roast. I find that gives me the coffee I want to drink from my La Marzocco GS/3 MP.

Can some kind soul please post or send me a suitable profile to program into my Ikawa Home? I really don’t know where to start with this so any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance and regards,


Hi David

There are plenty on this forum far more expert than I am and I’m sure they’ll advise once they’ve seen your post. In the meantime a good starting point might be. https://share.ikawa.support/profile_home/?CAESENfdfqpUv080iNUdWe51Zz4aGDUgRnVsbCBDaXR5IFNlY29uZCBDcmFjayIFCAAQ9AMiBgjaBBDMDiIGCJMiEMcTIgYIligQvRQiBgiYLxDFFioFCAAQzAEqBgiTDhCnASoGCJgvEK8BMAE6BgibOBC/AWIBMA==
When you click on the link it should download straight onto the Ikawa app.

Hope this helps


Hi Mike,

Thank you. I shall give it a try later today!




I am not sure if this will work for you but you can try it.

it was made for Northern Sumatrans so relatively close to Java. I would also recommend resting the beans for around a week.


Thanks … I will give it a try but looking at it (as if I am an expert(!)) I am not sure it will be dark enough so I may need to try to extend it … I am looking for a very dark, shiny bean. I also note what you say about resting. I have been using a Gene Cafe for a number of years and always rest. Prior to that I was using a Behmor.


Alter the profile as you see fit, your intuition is probably right. This profile was for a SHB and I find this arching profiles are best with dense hard beans, soft beans do a lot better with sustained hotter temps.

If you mimic your ET from your other roaster and translate the temp ranges to the Ikawa, I would guess that you’d be in the ball park for sure.


There are a couple of profiles at the end of this IKAWA blog post:

They’d probably need modification if you want an oily surface. I rarely touch second crack, so I wouldn’t know.