End Temps coupled with fan speeds and observations


End temps are such a conundrum for me. On one hand I want to get lower and lower, but find in order to do so, I have to raise the temps in the 3-5 min mark (Significantly) alters the profile in a way that more or less CAN (but I doubt for us hot air machines) causes a Crash and Flick - Scott Rao “style”. But I don’t think we flick, just crash, because (I believe) how we are applying heat, with they type of heating used is inevetiablly…inevatibly…inevitably, going to alter how the mechanism works. Low fan, build up of positive pressure (on the bean) High fan builds up a negative pressure (making moisture loss easier, cooks the inside), I think this also corresponds to Wet and Dry processing, WP/Low fan (60’s-70’s), DP/High(er) fan (high 70’s low 80’s). How else do you explain how drums have an easier time keeping the shape of the bean and air roasters have an easir time making a puffier bean? Maybe the reason is less convective heat. Is the puffier bean bad?..it certainly is associated with lack of flavor but maybe not, I think right now the point is to be like big brother drum roasters.

For me I like to keep things moving up and up ending with an inlet ROR of 15-20*F/min in the range of 265-283F as the main high and low. In the profile I like to use as an immidiate use (Sum Man 5.17142) profile: 526-527F end temp. Suprisingly there is no burnt or roastiness. But does lack complexity in texture from what I’ve seen this far. But that’s not to say my observations are extensive by any means.

What are your observations so far? Styles, thoughts/theories, end temp ranges/ end temp ROR?