Escapees (and since Ikawa says the title must be > 15 characters, here you go...)



Sometimes some coffee beans will make their way early into the collection jar while their compadres are still being roasted. Some beans are more prone to this than others: I’ve had upwards of 20 beans escaping early with some bean types and none with others. It’s not hugely important: it’s a bit of a faff picking them out at the end of the roast, and you are left with the choice of either adding them in with the rest (although they may be underdone), or ditching them (and your batch is lighter than you want).
Has anyone else noticed this?


yea some types of coffee have more escapees than others - usually naturals have the most. those numbers seem high tho. maybe you could turn the fan speed down. i always discard the escapees. they are less dense and presumably lower quality anyway.


Yea, I usually toss them I only get like 1 to 5 max.

I concur with @jboutte88


I don’t find this much at all. Most likely in a high cooling fan when a couple might hit the jar before the end.

More likely in general with small beans and high fan.