Ethiopia Gedeb Worka Wuri profile


I bought some Ethiopia Gedeb Worka Wuri from Sweetmarias, this profile really came out great. The coffee scored 93 points! Its roasted light, approx 1 minute first crack. I roast for brewing right after roasting and within the first 2-3 days. Try it if you have the same greens, and let me know what you think:-)

‘ETHIOPIA GEDEB WORKA WURI’ freshly roasted by @ikawahome, here’s the recipe


Glad I just stocked up on Ethiopias from Sweet Marias as they only have one variety available. Transportation headaches are causing people to hoard but that is what I do anyway. I usually only like to buy Brazils, Guatemalas, Ethiopias and Yemen’s. Mostly blending all four for Espresso shots so I like to have all 4 available throughout the year - hence I hoard these. Currently have Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Aricha, Yirga Cheffe Buufata Konga and Ethiopia Gadeb Banko Gotiti - about 15 lbs. The Last one - Gadeb Banko Gotiti - I will try your light roast recipe on this and let it rest 3-4 days prior to brewing - gone by day 8. Thanks for sharing.


The Ethiopians from Sweetmarias, doesnt get much better than that! :heart:️ I have also stocked the Gedeb Banko Gotiti, still havent tested this on the Ikawa:-)


I have the Ethiopia Uraga Tebe Haro Wato (WP), this is great timing too because I’m honing in on adjusting an old profile and I think I’m fairly close with that profile. I’d be happy to give your profile a go and see how it compares, I’ll post about it in a couple of days. Thanks for sharing!

Are you roasting this profile on a preheated profile? If so what is your preheating protocol? Can you say what percentage of weight loss you are aiming for/expecting?


Im getting approx 11.5% weight loss.This coffee has small beans (14 screen), and 10.5 % humidity. It wouldnt surprise me if the Wato needs more heat and longer development.

I allways let the Ikawa run one empty roast to preheat before starting roasting.


So the profile came out relatively well, great infact considering that it was fruited/sweet but needs adjusting to tune it so the cup wasn’t so sharp in acidity and hopefully bring the fruits into a focus so I could distinguish the flavors. The weight loss I got was 11.6%, and I brewed in my typical aeropress recipe 15g/140g water with an inversion 98C, 50g prewet, settle for 1min then add 90g and soak for 2min. This is like my cupping recipe, but as much as I love the aeropress I am cutting out plastics from my life so I’m switching over this recipe to my french press then pouring the final brew through my V60 cotton filter, it’s really not a lot more effort but until I can get a glass aeropress this is my life now.

Moving on, I used the ME+H3 style profile and did several to hone it in, this style REALLY shows the ultra silky mouthfeel, it still needs some adjustments but I let it go for about 1:30 after the first pop of 1C and got 13.6% weight loss. The profile is listed below, again it still needs adjustment but I am confident you should get good cups off the start.


Funny, I found a vacuum-packed Wato one lbs in my freezer. Will give this last profile a shot, aiming for approx 1:30 after first pop:-)


Most excellent, don’t be like me and roast the whole pound in one go, I am roasting 50g batches with a warm up of 460F@1:00 and sustained for 8min. Should be good the next day but drink the 2nd and 3rd cup on the 3rd and 5th day of rest to evaluate. Day 8-10 is the sweet spot.


I have brewed it today after 4 days. This was a roast that was dropped at 8:30, approx 1:30 into first crack, it had 13.5 weight loss. From color I could see it was darker than I normally roast, I could see from bloom that the roast had a good development. It had a gentle flavor profile, with a nice fruity aftertast. I can understand that you use the word silky aftertaste about it. I usually roast my ethiopians with a much more intense taste-profile, and with more acidity present. With that said, this is good cup of coffee. It isnt the classic floral ethiopian, but more fruit driven. I think you have a good profile for this coffee, personal preferences is what makes me want it a tad lighter. I have a lighter roast of it with a weight loss of 12.6%, approx 1:10 past first crack. Will try this tomorrow;-)


I forgot to mention that I dropped the beans early, lately I’ve been roasting with a 1:30 post 1C for a higher extraction yield but prefer 30-45s post 1C drop for more developed profiles and 5-15s post 1C drop for light profiles. I understand what you mean in your preferences, the profile I gave needed some work, as you noticed the fruits were in the back end and not up front and consistent throughout the cup, as well as they were more like freeze dried fruit and not like fresh fruit or jolly rancher candy like fruit which is the goal for me. This profile I got much closer to the candy like fruit and I dropped it at 7:02 which was 40s post crack. I’m going to try the batch dropping in the 30-35s when i can smell fruits coming from the vent.


I really like washed Ethiopia so was excited to try this. Have to say it was an improvement over my go-to profile. I roasted a couple beans, a 2020 crop Ethiopia Bensa Kebele Mirado from Sweet Maria’s, and (current crop?) Ethiopia Ardi from Bodhi Leaf. I hadn’t noticed but in a blind cupping my profile was just slightly under developed. I think your Gedeb Worka Wuri profile was very similar to mine taste-wise, it had good clarity, sweetness, acidity, but was able to clean up the under notes I was getting, while keeping all the good stuff. Comparing the two, your profile gets up to medium-high temps a little earlier, but ends similarly; my profile goes a little slower in the middle but spends more time at highest temps. They both end the roast at about the same time and temp. My Ardi roasts both ended up with 13.3% weight loss, my Bensa ended up 12.8% while the Gedeb ended 11.99% loss…interesting that the Gedeb was less weight loss but avoided under notes better. I’m new to the hot air community so will try to upload a couple comparison screen shots of the profiles, hopefully you can see them. Thanks for sharing the profile.


Could you post the link to the profile please? I would like to combine the first two points of the Worka profile and the last three points of the Bensa profile and maybe that will develop the fruit acidity by taming down the sharpness while also focusing/clarifying the fruit flavor notes that I am looking for from the Worka profile.


Here is my ‘Bensa 5:45’, basically a filter profile that the Ikawa team created for a different Bensa they offered, I just stretched the end by about 20 seconds.

Also if you want to reduce acidity / sharpness of a bean, try this one, it looks odd with the decreasing bean temp at the end but really does work well on a lot of beans… it’s light, sweet, preserves origin character, but definitely knocks down acidity and softens/rounds out the cup. This was also developed by the Ikawa team.


Much appreciated! Combining the Worka and Bensa led to a little more development than I wanted, although I did like the speed leading into yellow. I think less heat is needed for the start of the development of the bean (yellow) and the second point is a good place to start (while keeping its angle the same). Since that will lower the total development I still need to alter the “acid” so it can change into a flavor, rather than just rounding or sharpening it, so I’ll increase the slope of the 3rd segment and that should pronounce the fruit with more clarity. Personally I’d rather not alter the flavor or development of the profile by the fan. I look at the fan as a polishing step.

I don’t have enough to test the second profile, maybe if I get more WP Ethiopian beans in, I’ll give it go.

Here’s the combined profile in all its glory.

This profile below turned out to be a great dark profile I dropped it right before 2C. I got about 15.3% weight loss with a 1:50min post crack time.